When do the new Atmasphere Class D come out?

Just wondering, now that we've seen all the cool patents. :)

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@gdnrbob  We've got a UV-1 in the shop right now that a customer sent; a friend of his that borrowed it said it was humming. We can't get it to do it; I think the problem is either cables or its very near a power transformer of some sort.

Regarding the class D project we are considering playing a prototype for a local audio club. Its sounding good enough that we can feel confident with that, but at the same time we can still do better. We're not in any hurry to get it to market, but we are thinking the fall of this year is very possible.
@gdnrbob  Didn't we get that preamp back here for observation? I seem to recall that we did. If so, we might have to get the amp and preamp here at the same time. FWIW the McCormack stuff we've seen here so far has been very competent so I've no reason to expect they would not work together but you never know.