When did audio goners now have to pay to see the book value of equipment??

I just went to see some used prices of equipment and now it says you have to pay to see this ? When did this happen? I think this is ridiculous!!!! 
Don't feel bad for ebm. True, he does get down in the dumps rather easily reading some posts here, but then he just put's a record on, and is yet again transformed .... he has a NICE rig!!! That's what we're all basically here to share. 😄
OK Admin, you guys remove the option for the insiders? THAT was the only reason to be one.. Nothing else to be gained.. I paid the 99.00 to help support AG, I post.. I pay.. I have no problem with that.. BUT the blue book, was the only thing of actual value for the 99.00.

It will have to come back or loose my support.. Not less for more..
WAKE UP AG. Exactly what you DON’T do, offer less for MORE...

I guess all the windows are blacked out at corporate AG.

It is a ghost town where I live..

I wouldn’t be running off customers with GREEDY practices.. BAD IDEA..

A paying customer.. Paying Attention...
But you said you paid a subscription.  Therefore the 'perks' weren't free.  So just pay the extra fee or drop your subscription and enjoy the sparkling wit of AG posters for free.