When did audio goners now have to pay to see the book value of equipment??

I just went to see some used prices of equipment and now it says you have to pay to see this ? When did this happen? I think this is ridiculous!!!! 
It used to be free to see the Audiogon average price.  Private sale  price and trade in price. I have been on Audiogon for years and always paid my 9.99 $ mon subscription and ways always looking at the blue book values of equipment. This was not an extra fee. They want a one day fee of $4.99 -  9.99 mon - or $99 a year EXTRA TO SEE BLUE BOOK VALUES NOW ? I think this is ridiculous!!!!
Don't feel bad for ebm. True, he does get down in the dumps rather easily reading some posts here, but then he just put's a record on, and is yet again transformed .... he has a NICE rig!!! That's what we're all basically here to share. 😄