When did audio goners now have to pay to see the book value of equipment??

I just went to see some used prices of equipment and now it says you have to pay to see this ? When did this happen? I think this is ridiculous!!!! 
@yogiboy   What do you mean it was never free ? I always went on the blue book value all the time to see what items cost brand new and to see what the used blue book value was.  It was always free to look. 
It used to be free to see the Audiogon average price.  Private sale  price and trade in price. I have been on Audiogon for years and always paid my 9.99 $ mon subscription and ways always looking at the blue book values of equipment. This was not an extra fee. They want a one day fee of $4.99 -  9.99 mon - or $99 a year EXTRA TO SEE BLUE BOOK VALUES NOW ? I think this is ridiculous!!!!