when connecting power AMPS

I have an integrated Amp (Exposure 2010S) but its also capable of a pre-out. My question is when I connect a power AMP -- will the sound 'signature' / 'charateristics' be coming from the AMP or from my Int. AMP (as pre amp).. I really love my Exposure but wanted to add more power.. I just don't know how it will sound when added other brand of AMP.


All amps have distinct tonal characteristics as do all preamps. They change the sound when changed, so the answer is: both. Another thing you have check is what happens to the power amp of the integrated when you don't connect it to anything?...maybe nothing, maybe instant destruction of everything you own...so that might be fine (former, not latter), and it would open up a new world of zillions of amp options and matching/miss-matching situations that will lead to possible frustration, glee, bliss, bankruptcy, more A'gon threads, or years of therapy.

I was just going to say...'both' was the exact word that came to my mind as i was reading your post. You are listening to sound go thru two components...you really are hearing both. Now, i suppose you could (sort of) attribute certain characteristics to the pre v the amp. For example, effortlessness when you crank the volume...more the amp than the pre since the amp is driving the volume. But is the treble hard? Is that pre or amp? could be either or both. Is it grainy? could be either or both. Is it grain-less? Well, that must be BOTH...because it means no grain came thru both units.

The only technical element to watch for besides power ratings is the impedance between pre and amp. If you are SS to SS, probably all set. But tube pres or amps can sometimes have impedance mismatches with SS equipment which can create problems that is NOT either unit...but rather the interaction between the 2.

You get the idea.
thanks for the info.

got it. :)