When cleaning vinyl - what to use for

I read with interest a recent string about a fibrous residue after cleaninig which string also included a lot of detail about various vinyl cleaning preferences. Common to many procedures is a first scrubbing step. Am curious about what applicators/brushes are recommended for the initial wet cleaning step. Some have cautioned against a Hunt brush but also seem to indicate carbon fiber won't work effectively - just curious what IS used.
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Personally I use LAST brushes, 10 for $30. They're white, so you can tell when to discard them. They get the grooves really clean if you use them with good cleaning agents (I like Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solultions -- AIVS). No residues show up on the stylus, at least in my experience. There are lots of ways to skin this particular cat (old Midwest saying). Good luck finding yours :-) Dave
I use the Disc Doctor brushes. Music Direct also sells their own clone of the original DD brush.

Disc Doctor, Audio Intelligent and Walker Audio Prelude are all good cleaning fluids (my preference being the Walker Audio Prelude after many years using Disc Doctor). Disc Doctor works well in a manual cleaning regimen and all working well with a vacuum cleaning machine.
Know what you mean about the Hunt. However, I do use one for newly purchased used lps to LIGHTLY brush off the loose dirt and pet hairs.

I also use those cheapy brushes for wetting and spreading the first cleaning solution. I use a foam paint pad with the little hairs for the second solution. Then I use the mfsl brushes for lightly scrubbing with the final solution. Then I use another cheapy brush for whatever rinse I use. Vacuuming between each solution, naturally.

I heard from several folks I trust that spreading with the Audioquest carbon fiber brush work very well for them. The bristles are very fine and seem to get deep in the grooves. Haven't tried it yet, but it's on my todo list.
I use LAST Power Cleaner w/LAST brushes to initially clean the LP then store it in a brand new MoFi sleeve.
Then each side gets washed on the TT before playing using Discwasher D4 with Discwasher brush.
To clean the stylus I use Onzow Zerodust.
Seems to be all that's needed.....as far as I can tell... I just recently joined the vinyl camp, so I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions as well.
Thanks guys. I do use a Hunt for dry cleaning prior to playing. Want to get a manual/vacuum unit for wet cleaning. Just trying to think through some of the steps and recommended accessories.
Walker is just now shipping newly devised brushes for the three steps of his Prelude. I just got some but haven't tried them yet. They look good but I can't vouch for any special effectiveness. I have found that stubborn spots will elude all but the most vigorous scrubbings. For stubborn spots I use a stylus brush with liquid of some sort, following up with the usual wet vacuuming. I've heard that vinyl is not impervious to such scrubbings but I haven't noticed anything audible.
I use Disc Doctor brush for wet cleaning and I like it very much.

If LP is very dirty, I also use a sticky pad to pick up any dust particles and foreign objects before the first wet clean otherwise, the brush may push them around and scratch the LP. I use a sticky pad made by handstands.com. it was originally designed for holding cell phone in a car. It is washable and doesn't leave residue. I also use it to clean my VPI acrylic platter. Very effective and cheap. Highly recommended.