Wheels under tube amps?

Can tube pre and amps be put on wooden boards or glass shelves with wheels without any loss in sound quality? Or must the rack be heavy and stable? I am looking for a practically solution for my equipment that at the moment are placed directly on the wooden floor underneath a big sideboard. Can't have it on top, they are too big.
Of course you can. Make them as stable as possible and be sure to use a high quality form of support depending upon the weight of the equipment. Do not use cheap thin stuff that will sag or resonate like a bell.

I would suggest 3/4"+ acrylic or 1-2" hardwood. You may also use those Teflon pads that are sold for moving heavy furniture. They make it easy to slide around.

My bet is that you will not notice any sound degradation. Listen before and after and ask a friend or spouse to do the same. No worries! Good Luck!
Check out wheeled plant stands at HomeDepot, I think they may be suitable for your use. I use one under my tube amp.
Thanks a lot for the replies! This makes things easier. Even though I'm not very handy, it should be easy to put wheels on some hardwood and try it out.
I tried this once only to return home from work some days and notice that my amps would have moved to other rooms just for laughs...those wily rascals.