Wheaton Tri-Planar arms ........

Is their quality worthy of the price? I know some of you feel that the Origin Live is the best deal. But what are your feelings about the Tri-Planar? I'm considering paring it with an Avid Volvare which is a sprung design. I have a quality analog guy who can handle set-up so that's not a major concern for me. Sonics? I was considering a Lyra Helicon match. Thanks.
Definitely a great arm, one of the best. When I can afford to upgrade my vinyl rig I will get one of these. I've heard a version 4 (?) and the latest version 6 - both excellent, fantastic build quality and machining. Hard to go wrong with this arm, I think.

The Triplanar is a great arm. Very detailed and clean.
However, it can be brutally revealing. I would suggest
matching it with a cartridge more laid back than the
Helicon. Something like a Benz Ruby or a Koetsu may be
a better match.
I had a friend who owned the Triplanar V. The description that Teres makes is pretty accurate to the memory of my ear. It was what I'd consider an "up front" arm, very dynamic, anything but laid back. I can understand where Teres would suggest those cartridges - sometimes too much of the same thing can be a bad thing. The fit and finish of that arm was absolutely incredible, too.
The Triplanar is a fine arm but I have found the Origin Live Illustrious to be more musical and more neutral and more saisfying to listen to. When you factor in the near $ 1500.00 price difference the Origin Live is the winner.