whats your thoughts on Pioneer DV09

I know this may sound strange but I find myself perfering the sound of older cd players over newer players. Many say the newer technology cd players trump older cd players. I have a player that has the 24/196 up sampling board sounds great but I still find myself perfering the sound of my older mcintosh mcd7000 only thing is the laser is no longer available so I'm looking for another old cd player as a back up I came across a Pioneer DV09 I've always like these units looking for what others think of these.
I had a Pioneer DV-09, and still regret selling it. It sounded like a $2200 CD/DVD should sound, very pleaseant sound. I'll spare you the review, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one at the right price (under $300). I now have a McIntosh MVP 871 and can't say that I prefer the sound by any magnitude over the Pioneer.
Tonykay I found one for a 100.00 bucks
I have a DV-09, nice but I like my Sony 707ESD better circa 1987. Same craftsmanship including wood sides. Not really into the upsampling thing these days. Laser assy. still available for the Pioneer but not the sony. I need to get the Pioneer modded to read cdr's too.
Artez, great buy. I bought mine several years ago for $200. I used it for a couple of years and sold it for $100. That's a great price for a really great piece of equipment. Congratulations, enjoy it!
Some say this will play cd-R and some say it will not any thoughts on this?

Can't remember. I rarely play CD-Rs. Sorry.
I think newer production units will do cdr's, google and go thru the articles.
I own a Pioneer Elite DV09 unit also along with several other CD and DVD players. I can tell you the DV09 is built like a tank. In the day, Pioneer's Elite equipment was definitely overbuilt. The DV09 is by far one of the best "transports" I have ever used. It simply is superior than most as a transport. the construction and quality of the unit is amazing. Most people were using it as a DVD players and when the newer units came out with HDMI, etc. people got rid of their DV09 units for the ones with the latest bells and whistles. However, if you use it as transport CD player only and add a quality DAC, you would be very hard pressed to find another combination today that can beat it. I run my DV09 unit into a Theta DS Pro gen VA DAC and wow, what sound. Soundstage, imaging, presentation, bass, mids, highs are "there". I always tell friends that if they want high end quality sound for a inexpensive price, grab a DV09 for about $200-$300 and a quality DAC and not much comes close. Really!!! I have compared the DV09 as a transport with many "high-end" CD or DVD players as transports into the Theta DAC and it won hands down each time. My Pioneer Elite DV-79Avi DVD players actually sounds as good as a transport also, but I'm using it as a dedicated DVD player. It has HDMI output. Seriously, My Pioneer Elite PD 65 CD player currently used in my office sound system sounds wonderful as a CD player and much better as a transport also.

All of the people that got rid of their DV09 unit because they weren't using it as a CD transport into a DAC basically made it much easier for the rest of us to find a really high-end quality CD transport. The DAC converter in the DV09 isn't quite up to snuff for me and that is why I run it into my Theta DAC. Try it, you will be amazed.

When I get more money I will try a external DAC but as it stands I only fired this thing up an hour ago and I love the sound thus far great bass and mids. While it won't play cdr disc it will play Cdrw disc just fine. Can anyone suggest a good brand of Cdrw's I currently have a couple of cheap ones from radio shack(radio shack brand) but I'm sure theres something better out there.
I liked the DV-09 so much that I bought the Pioneer BDP-09 Blu-Ray player.
I agree with Minor1, an outstanding transport.
I have had this unit for about 4 years. I love the look and feel. However, the unit seems to be near the end of it's lifespan now. My power supply died last year and cost about $200 to repair. This year, the player won't play CD's anymore without a terrible mechanical scratching sound. Conversely DVDs play silently. I would love to keep it, but I'm in the market for a replacement.
Interesting! Just a timely reminder that even bonafide classics wear out. Sometimes they cost more to fix than they are worth and it's better to cut your losses and find something newer and more reliable. Tobuns, sorry for your loss!
I'm interested in getting BW 808.
What would you say about its sound?
Is there enouph bass?
There is more than enough bass. I think they sound terrific. Some say they are not the last word in accuracy however i like the fact that no matter what level i play them at they are crisp and clear!!