Whats your take on a NAD 3020, I truly believe it defined stereo and still does!

No matter what I have on the audio front, this old baby just flows through my home.The tone is pure ...she is my reference and always be such.Am i the only one who loves the old girls?Rotel, Marantz, HK, Arcam, Cambridge and retro including class A all have a unique sound.
I had two NAD 3020's back in '78-'80! Used them with DCM Time Windows and Tangent RS2's. A favorite of Peter Aczel (The Audio Critic), who found them preferable to most $2K pre/power amps of the time! A home run for NAD!
Even today I still could live happily with the original 3020!
In my Garage system
Nakamichi deck, 3020A. Dynaco A-25 :-)

yes the 3020 was fantastic, beefy output devices, decent power supply, shorting bars to split pre and power
bit of a nasty turn on thump and avoid soft clipping feature but an amazing $218 product 
I had similar 7020 receiver as a backup for many years. Picked it up in an alabama pawn shop in 1986. Unique somewhat dark and warm sound. Very solid pre-amp. COuld be used as pre-amp, power amp, receiver or tuner. VEry versatile! Also did a respectable job driving most any speaker with only 20 w/ch. Soft clipping feature helped! It served me well!
Purchased the larger 3040 new and it still works to power my outdoor system.  Phillips (later Thorens) turntable, 12-inch Jensen three-ways in large boxes and the tone was great so I never worried about anything but what music to buy.....those were the days!
I had a 3040 many years ago. I used it to power Boston A40's at home and some large home made speakers for parties where a lot of metal and dance music was played loudly :) The speaker EQ function was perfect for the Bostons. The 70Hz setting made them sound like floor standers.
I almost bought one when they were new on the market. The salesperson was really pushing it and I remember being impressed at my audition, but was reluctant because  the low wattage output.  My bad, wish I would have bought it...Guess my desire for high  watts was quite misplaced.
I’m happy to say that I use a 3020i and a 3225pe in a bi-amp setup and love them. The 3225pe drives the woofers in my Energy Connoisseur speakers and the 3220i drives the mid/high. They are basically the same architectural design, but the pe has an additional set of higher voltage power supply sections and a few other tweaks. The NAD service manual is even the same, covering both models. 
I have the NAD 7225PE receiver. They were able to squeeze out 25 wpc from the basic 3020 amp section. I has a very pleasant warm and peppy sound matched with Klipach KSB 3.1 bookshelf speakers. Great for listening to FM evening jazz and classical music at bedtime.
I used a NAD 7140 and DCM Time Windows 3’s for a long time.  Now I push the Time Windows with a McIntosh C31V and MC2600 :-).  A bit of overkill but they still sound great.
After reading reviews of many amps and, in particular, the NAD 3020, I was impressed with how many folks were impressed with the musical performance of the 3020 compared with products costing much more in the day.

My most recent purchase was a NAD C375BEE. I auditioned it at my favorite dealer's showroom which also had other brands. The combination I settled on was a pair of PSB speakers which pairs well with NAD amps.

While the 375 is much more powerful than the 3020 I wonder of the 3020 produces music as comparable to the 375? Forget the difference in power. Have any listeners compared the two amps as to their ability to play music? I know everyone has their own preferences. Mine is not just about power but good music.

There are many legendary amps of yore. Just ask if any have compared classic NAD amps to the more modern versions?