Whats your favorite way to listen to music?

I love to light up a fat joint and have a couple of Heinekens. I have a pair of $11,000.00 speakers and they can not compete with five dollars worth of weed. Whats your favorite way to listen to music?
Whats your favorite music in this state? Mines alternative but mostly Dave Matthews Band.
We Mexicans like Corona, not Heine's. Or Bacardi Añejo rum and cokes. Shots of Tequila are OK, but there's locally made Mezcal made from the peyote cactus that causes you to halucinate,. As this message comes from the Sierra Madres, Acapulco Gold is the local weed but hey aren't we too old for that?
Drink some good whiskey, turn of the lights, put my feet on the table, phone of the hook, switch doorbell off and crank up the volume.....