Whats your DREAM System that has synergy for your type of music?

    I am definitely a 2 channel vinyl guy. My simple and sweet system would consist of...
1. Legacy Audio Aeris speakers. Beautiful quality build and amazing sound with low bass.
2. Complete system with High Fidelity Cables.  Can t beat new technology  
3. Kronos Sparta Turntable. Beautiful looks and design. Kronos tonearm.
4. Dynavector DRT XV-1t cartridge. Love the sound of this cart. 
5. West Titan Pro phono pre/stage. Solid state speed and quietness what more can you ask for.
6. Audio Research Reference 5 SE preamp. Have had a LS25mk11 and it rocked hard.
7. Krell FPB 750Mcx  Mono block amplifiers. I had 350 FPB monos and loved the sound. The last of the Class A titans... 

Not an all out over the top system but one I could live with for years I;m sure. Type of music is 70"s rock, pop, Vivaldi, Almost anything that is cleanly recorded.

Cheers, care to share and comments welcome.


My dream system MUST have synergy for ANY type of music even including spoken word and other non-music media.

I'm also vinyl dude with gigantic vinyl records collection.

I also like powerful solid state amplification. Had been into tubes, but living in South-East and enjoying EVERY cold day per year(being born in portion of world with climate similar to Great Lakes), I've chosen class D amp over decade ago and never went back and never will.

I also like true-balanced components for an ability to deliver open and WIDE presentation that gives feeling of an uncompressed sound similar to live stage... BUT...

Most of all I like to see artists live and use every chance to see the ones I like.
Nice post czarivey,  Class D is really coming into its own with Devialet hybrid, Mola Mola and a few more.. Class A  may very well become a thing of the past as new technologies are being developed. Hats off to Mr. Jeff Rowland as a long standing innovative company  If I can get my hands on a reasonably priced Krell amp as stated it would be a keeper for me. Balanced is best.. Thanks for your insight. D
Have you played with any linear tracking arms? Did you have any plans to get one?
I'm aiming for any condition Technics SP10(will fix if not fully operable) that I want to merry with MG 1.2 air-bearing linear arm... Than I guess -- HEAVEN!
Many Many Years ago I had a B&O turntable that had a linear tracking arm, the turntable worked flawlessly for years.  I may try and get a mint one  for a second system some day as they come for sale on ebay and other sites from time to time. Soundsmith has the dibs on cartridge replacement should it need one.  The air bearing turntables with linear tone arms look very cool and the technology seems like a sound choice for a turntable. Let me know how it sounds when you get it.. 
czarivey, Forgive me if I'm wrong, didn't you post not long ago, you dumped everything for headphones?

I know this is a "dream" system thread but???
My new simpler  Dream system would be Devialet 400 with phono, Great  all in one integrated. 
Legacy Aeris
Kronos Sparta and tonearm
Dynavector DRT-XV 1t cart.
High Fedelity Cables.

The Kronos on top of my stand.
Below the Devialet. 
Speakers left and right.
 The KISS principle.

The Krells would still be a keeper. 
astro58go82 posts07-24-2016 9:50amczarivey, Forgive me if I'm wrong, didn't you post not long ago, you dumped everything for headphones?

Which headphones?
I use headphones a lot, but it doesn't mean that I dumped everything else.

I'd been "on a tear" with upgrades over the last 4-5 years and now I think I'm "set" with the hardware side of my system.  Enjoying learning more about classical music.

I use my system and enjoy just about all types of music, except for rap and country.  My components:

McIntosh C2500 pre amp, MC452 power amp, Autonomic MMS-5A server, PS Audio P10 power plant, DirectStream DAC, DirectStream CD transport, Focal Sopra No2 speakers, JL Audio F113V2 sub woofers (2), Sennheiser HD800 headphones, Dell laptop iTunes/Tidal/Roon, Wireworld cabling