Whats wrong

Turntable seems like it playing slow for the first 10-15 minutes of play, after that all is fine. Turntable has about 600 hours on it. Hoping its the belts would appreciate any thoughts.
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What kind of turntable? How old is it? More info would be helpful.
If it's the PBN shown in your system listing, I'd suggest contacting them directly. Peter provides excellent support for his products and values his customers.
You should re-grease the flywheel and the platter bearing. Use white Lithium grease, just a small dap on top of each after you have cleaned them thoroughly. Do not use too much !

A new set of belts are on the way to you as discussed with Alan on Thursday last week.

Good Listening

Ooh that's a nice table, let us know how Peter's suggestion worked out.
Thank you Peter, + 1 Bill K, Peter has always provided excellent service myself included. Will post the results when belts arrive.
Your ARC, Pass and BAT components may need some time to warm up for best sound.
Yes Zd452 they do sound considerably better after 30 minutes of warm up, but turntable still needs additional time to perform at its best. I'll post results when I receive the belts and greased the flywheel and platter bearing. Appreciate your comments.
Hmm. Most likely scenario is a warm up issue, everything can sound sluggish at first. I doubt it's your turntable at fault, especially since it's new.
"Turntable seems like it playing slow for the first 10-15 minutes of play, after that all is fine."

"Yes Zd452 they do sound considerably better after 30 minutes of warm up, but turntable still needs additional time to perform at its best."

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Is it 10-15 minutes after the 30 minute warm up of your other components?
Zd542 after the intial warm up of the entire system around 30 minutes, I start to play my turntable and it requires another 10 - 15 minutes before it sounds right. Never had a problem in the past with the turntable requiring more time. it always sounded right immediately. I'm out of town during the week so this weekend I'll be able to put the belts on and properly lube the table, I feel somewhat confident this will solve the problem. All tubes were replaced about 200 hours ago and all tube equipment was checked out, at that time, by Mitch Singerman an excellent tech in my area. I also checked the speed of the turntable and all is right. What do you think?
Dear Needle, In your initiating post, you said that the system "sounds like" the tt is playing "slow". At that point, PBN and others offered a possible fix for that problem with your particular tt. But in this last post, you say that you checked the speed of the tt, and "all is right". If indeed you checked the speed with a reliable strobe device or other during this warm-up period and could detect no problem, then perhaps you should describe in more detail what you are hearing. Obviously your perception of the music as being slow does not tally with your data on tt speed. Bad tubes will not do this, either.
If the system sounds sluggish and the TT is spinning at the proper speed, warm up is the most likely cause. Its easy to miss diag something like that. I used to have a McCormack DNA 125, and when I first turned it on, the bass sounded like it was having trouble keeping up the the rest of the system. After some time, it just went away and everything sounded normal. It seems like everything I've had from Pass takes a while to warm up. ARC, not so much, and BAT is probably somewhere in the middle.
Dear Lewm, perhaps I should clarify better when I checked the speed of my turntable, it was after the warm up period. Sorry if I misled you. Still waiting on the belts and will post up when I get them. Want to thank you for your input and enjoyed looking at the system you have put together. I am sure it sounds special. Best of Luck
Wanted to give an update on my turntable, had my son take it down to Peters at PBN Audio, as I am out of town during the week, he was nice enough to go thru all the parts of the table thoroughly, regreased the spindle and flywheel, check the sds and motor to include the bearings, and installed the new belts. Just got off the phone with my son and he says the table is running perfectly. Learned my lesson will perform maintenance on the table at least once a year, want to thank everyone who participated in this thread. Happy Listening
Good deal!
So, the problem WAS related to slow speed during warm-up?
The suspense is killing me. However, the bottom line is that you're happy with it now.
Lewm initially the table played slow, and than it was fine after warmup. Problem was that the table got steadily worse until it played slow at all times. Once the table was re-greased and new belts installed the problem was solved. Special thanks to Peter at PBN.
Maintenance means a lot...on cars, and on stereos. My stereo was sounding progressively crappy. At first I thought my ears were going (they probably are), but was able to bring the whole system back to life by cleaning all the cable connections. Made a very big difference.