Whats up with Merlin?

Thanks to all who responded to my thread "Is it worth it?"
I'm leaning towards Merlin TSM-M"s but they seem to be evasive and hard to get any info on. Has anyone had first hand experience with them or any comments you have heard?
Just for clarification, are you asking for input from people who've had experience with the company or with the speakers? I assumed that you meant the company, because speakers can't be evasive :) veiled, maybe but not evasive. If you are referring to the company, I'm surprised because I have talked to Bobby many times; he answers the phone himself, has been very generous with his time, is very helpful and is anything BUT evasive. I've also emailed him several times, and his replies were always prompt. Maybe he's on vacation for Thanksgiving?
I have Merlin VSM Milleniums, but have never heard the TSM's myself, so I can't help you there directly, but certainly everything I have read and heard on various audio forums has been very positive.
I also have Merlin VSM-Ms and have had similarly great responses to emails from Bobby. I considered the TSMs but preferred the VSMs. I use the VSMs in a very small listening room (7.5x10x8) with great results. I purchased mine from Signature Sound. They have a demo policy where they send a pair to you for a tryout and then order a new pair for you if you like them. I had them send me a pair of TSMs for evaluation before I bought the VSMs. (They put a hold on your credit card for the selling price while you have their speakers.) They're great to deal with - highly recommended. You can check out their web site and get their contact info at www.sigsound.com. (P.S. Bobby directed me to them when I told him that there was nowhere for me to audition his speakers.) Good luck!
I am not a Merlin owner, but like the product and have GREAT respect for Bobby he is one of the most helpful and considerate people I have met in his line of work. There are many others who are good but for some reason he and I really got along- and he was VERY knowledgable about his product. Are there better speakers? sure but his are a great value for what they cost. Be patient and wait to you can talk to Bobby he will help you an awful lot.
I have the VSM-M's also,brand new, and can say that Bobby is one of the easiest company ceo's you can get a hold of directly in the industry. He stops what he's doing on the spot to talk to his customers. Wow! As for the speakers, they are like the Grand Canyon, you just have to see/hear them in person to get the full undrstanding of what they are. The comment above about Signature Sound is correct, I have had very good service from them and their web site has great pictures of the Merlins (archives).
i own the Merlin TSM-M speakers. They are very nice sounding; smooth and crisp.I also have talked with bobby; he is nice to speak with will give you any info you need...you can't go wrong with the Merlins...but listen before you buy...
Bobby is the best! I love both the VSMM's and TSMM's. You can find lots of reviews and a ton of happy Merlin owners.
Other than a long time in ordering speakers and turn-around time, you shouldn't have a problem getting speakers, parts, or even feedback! YOu can usually talk to someone or they'll get back with ya. The TSM'M's sound very nice with the right gear, set up closer to the walls(each room varries) for reinforcement of the bass. For the money, theirs not much that's more musical and natural sounding. They are overall very good $2500 monitors.
Good luck
I have been writing mails recently to Bobby just to make some enquiry on the TSMM, I am impressed by his quick reply and answers.He is a nice guy to talk to and I end up ordering a pair of TSMM from Bobby WITHOUT even listening.What I am trying to say is Bobby is someone you can trust.
I have to say the same about Bobby, his advise and his product.He talked to me on the phone for about two hours several times helping me sort out where I was with my system and which ways I could go to improve. Anyway I purchased the TSM's unheard and have not looked back since!
OK, I'll be the lone dissenting juror. I owned a pair of Merlin TSM-SE's (b4 the changeover to "Millenium").
I ran these speakers with Naim separates. Long story short-the worst mismatch I've ever heard. Made my ears bleed. All of a sudden MOST records sounded all wrong. Music was gone and "hi-fi" was invading my space.
I've chatted numerous times with Bobby-great guy, very informative. Nothing against him or his company. Seems like very enthusiastic about his creations. Just not for me.
Want music, get Spendors!!!!!!
I have owned the TSM's and they are simply awesome. They need good equipment up front to sound their best. They image like crazy and sound sweet and transparent. Great with Joule and Berning. Use Luminous Audio cables if possible. Cardas stuff works well to. Most likely the very best speaker for the money on the planet.
Hey Lindisfarne, any relation to the English group? I think I already asked you that once before, didn't I? Your experience with the TSM has been covered in another thread and I think the bottom line problem with your TSM's was a system mismatch. Resolving speakers with the wrong electronics spells doom and gloom with only one remedy, new speakers or new electronics. You choose keeping the electronics and getting new speakers. Spendors are nice speakers also with a lovely midrange and certainly a bit warmer and maybe less accurate.

Although I haven't personally heard the TSM's, I own the VSM and if the tonal balance is similar and system matching is as critical, which I understand it is, all I can say is too bad you didn't get the opportunity to hear these speakers at their best. At the end of the day you are happy and that is all that matters.
Cant really add more then what was said. I have the VSM-M and love them. Bobby hasbeen more then great. Merlin and Rogue audio, two great companies!!
I have recently spoken with David Berning, and he has ordered a set of Merlins for his system. I think that the ZH270 amp is a great match for them. I expect that he will be voicing his amps on those speakers. FYI.
We don't carry the Merlin line and there are other speakers that we prefer above Merlin (although they are wonderful speakers), but I have NEVER heard anything really negative about either the speakers or Bobby. Depends upon your electronics of course, but I don't see how you could really go wrong with Merlin or the folks behind the speakers.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio