whats up with jadis

whats the story wih jadis
There a plenty of stories. Which one would you like to hear?
I am not privvy to any facts regarding the Jadis situation. Just comments from both the US distributor and the dealer where I purchased my amplifier during the time of my purchase. As I said, I don't know the facts, but I do know the end result. The Jadis presence in this country has all but vanished.

Unfortunately at this time, I can no longer give my recommendation of purchase of the brand without severe reservation. THAT is saying something, as I am an enormous fan of the equipment. The lack of US presence makes me uncomfortable in what a potential customer would face in the long term.

Hopefully, things will improve for us in this country. The reality of all this is that one of the premier brands in audio has become unavailable to so many. I feel terrible about it because I would love to share with others the magic sound that comes from this equipment. Rarely have I ever found audio components that give me such a reaction. I knew it was special from my first listen.
Trelja, you confirm what I've heard myself. Also there has been a huge shakeup in the facory in France, I'm told. As far as the US is concernd, its a crying shame indeed, but I suppose, that in due course a new importer/distributor will arrive on the scene. I believe that you can contact Jadis France direct through the internet.
I dealt with the US distributor a few years ago to find out additional details on buying a used Jadis amplifier... the distributor berated me for such a thought and that the amplifier I was going to buy was a piece of junk. He claimed the power transformer would blow up on me within 6 months and cost me as much to replace the transformer as the amplifier itself. He then proceeded to try and sell me a new one direct for his cost. When I told him I wasn't going to buy from him (he offered me a great deal but I didn't have the extra $$$ at the time), he hung up on me. I did a little more investigation and found his dealer network had all but dropped him. More than 3 yrs later, the thing is still kicking and sounding as good as ever.
Jadis had a strong exhibit at High End 2001/ Frankfurt. The equipment is still selling in Germany (with more people buying new, rather than used). I did not get the feeling from the reps that there was anything wrong in Europe, except maybe stronger competition from Italy (VAIC/MasterSound, VIVA ... as competitors taking over some of Jadis's market share). I "felt the magic" from Jadis equipment this year as I did last year. Sorry to hear about the American situation.
Slawney, nice to see your name again! Jadis is doing very well here too, with -as you say- the old magic still as strong as ever.
I have no trouble getting ANY Jadis gear I desire from Brooks Berdan Ltd. in Monrovia, CA. Service as well. My new JA-100s balanced came right on time. He has a pretty nice display of Jadis' line as well.