Whats under your VPI Scout / Scoutmaster?

I used to use a Gingko Cloud 10 under my Scout, when I upgraded to a Scoutmaster the table weighed too much for the platform and it was just a little too small and I never got around to ordering another one...until now. I want to take a poll and see what others are using and what your thoughts are. Considerations at this point are Brightstar Airmass, SRA Tremorless (VR series if I get serious) or Gingko Cloud.

Ideally I would like a two piece platform, an isolated one for the motor and another for the table.

Thanks guys.
I have my Aries on a four inch hard maple butcher block that sits on the four corner posts of a Zoethecus maple rack. The motor sits in a cutout with a maple block of its own. It rests on the top shelf of the rack so it's pretty much decoupled from the rest of the TT. I tried some other arrangements (sand boxes, air, etc) and the maple butcher block was by far the best............ In fact I cannot believe the improvement it made. I will be putting it under all of my equipment as time and funds allow.
Maple butcher block here too, with DIY rollerblocks under that (for isolation). I also have an EAR Isodamp sheet under the motor.

I use a Gingko Cloud 11 and love it -- no more jumps! I believe they now have a 2-piece version as well.
2" boos butcher block, which sits atop an ikea cabinet that holds about 1000 lp's. pretty rigid and sturdy. no problems.
Interesting idea on the butcher and maple blocks, where did you guys find them?
I built mine, but you can buy any butcher block. Be sure to get hard maple though........... I really think the type of wood makes a difference. Mapleshade actually has some nice looking maple stuff too.
Try Chris at www.timbernation.com. He will make you whatever you want in 7-10 days in your choice of 2" or 3" maple or cherry with or without brass cones. He is very reasonably priced too and has worked with many audiophools like us.

In my case I have a new Critical Mass Systems platform on the way for my Scoutmaster and will let you know how it sounds in a couple of months.
Hi Dlwask, Yes maple works very well, vertical grain butcher block style that is.I have some cabinet making skills along with use of a shop. Im going to spend some time and money building afew platforms for my own Scoutmaster to find out what works the very best.I also need new equiptment stands for my system.Im going to experiment with different types of maple for each platform along with different dimensions of blocks. Right now Im using a maple platform made up of two inch long by one inch by one inch thick blocks set vertical when glued.The bottom of the platform was scooped out to set and hold three tennis size balls for feet,works verygood.I will also look into using different species of hard and soft woods and a combination of.Even some man made materials mixed in perhaps.For platform feet ,Im going to try out Finite Elemente Cerabase...Web site finite-element.de.These feet are height adjustable,will hold alot of weight and suppose to be very,very good.A high level of design and engineering went into these.I have some Symposium roller blocks right now that I use to good effect under my amps .I can borrow a wide range of other isoltion feet to check out.Now,there is sometime involved here.This is not a weekend project.Anyway, I think it will be very interesting and fun at the sametime...Dlwask,How is that new V.P.I. Sig. arm performing?
Hi Stilskin, please keep us updated on your project. My scoutmaster currently sits in my diy rack which is made of 1 3/4" red oak. The rack sits on brass cones on a floating floor. When I first got the TT I was getting "feedback" at high volume levels. Believe it or not I purchased small round hard rubber "feet" that go under furniture and put them under the scoutmaster feet and it completely elimiated the "feedback"
Stiltskin, sounds like a pretty ambitious project. Let me know how it works out. I had intended to try a similar route (DIY platform with access to great woodshop) but kept dragging my feet, then my brother goes and sells off his work working equipment! Anyway, let me know how the project turns out. I am going to see what everyone is using at CES this year, I expect to see a few Scoutmasters there.

I added a cut out of 1/4" thick foam from a mouse pad under my motor in the meantime.

The JMW 9 Signature arm is doing great. I've had it for about 4 months now. The best comment I can give is that I have been playing LPs almost exclusively since it has been in my system. It really does take the whole 'table up a few notches.
Hi Dwr and Dlwask,Yes this is an ambitious project. Most of us know the value of isolating their entire system from vibrations,especially turntables. Finding what works best for any given component in your system ...the rewards can be significant...The maple platform that I made is very dense and hard.The species I chose is sugar maple,it is widely used for fine furniture ect. and musical instruments. Now, the support feet will play a significant role.I wanted to stay away from solid cone and pointed designs.While searching out a design that will support a heavy load,one that can be attached securely,height adjustable for leveling and above all ,one that works ,I think I found it. The Cerabase,they are made in Germany and are expensive...Dlwask,if you make it to the C.E.S. you lucky duck, Finite Elemente may have a booth,check it out.And thank you for your insight on the the VPI Sig.
While we are on the subject of maple platforms and equiptment stands.Check out Rushtons great post here on Analog...Walker Audio Proscenium Turntable: Photo Essay...
Maple buther's block seems like an inexpensive tweak I'd like to try with my Scoutmaster. The 'table is sitting on a wood bookcase--will Maple still make a difference? Wood on Wood?

I think I'm going to order something from timbernation for my new scout. they seem like high quality platforms at a reasonable price (compared to a lot of the "custom" $500 platforms out there) what size are you using? I was thinking of having him do it 19 x 14, which is the size of the scout. Does your experince w/ the timbernation platform make you think i need to go larger or smaller? Also, did you have him put the brass cones on it?
Sorry, I didn't use the Timbernation block. I am holding out for another CMS stand like I have under my Joules. They are extraordinarily pricy though. I plan to go large enough to fit the Super Scoutmaster configuration or the Scoutmaster with the new flywheel motor which is a little wider.