whats the very best sounding cables for realistic money

can you all please tell me if there are a really special sounding cable out there for realistic money, ie power cables 300/400gbp, signal cables 1m 400/500gbp and speaker cables for around 600/700gbp, i know its still alot of money but there must be a manufacturer out there thats not pulling our trousers down, or spending time and money on R&D to solve problems that do not need addressing ie over the top shielding or some other marketing nonsense, the company i am showing interest in are Anti cables ??????????
I don’t think Tina Weymouth’s bass playing belongs in Gbmcleod’s post relative to the other players noted, although it may be too late to remove it. Also, I'm in the camp with those who don't think your power cables make much difference, especially if you're using some sort of regulated power supply in the AC chain...all are welcome to this camp…bring a tent. 
I'd suggest mid-level AudioQuest cables like the Rocket series, or if you are willing to spend a little more, the Castlerocks are a great option as well...
ok i have finally settled on jps labs aluminata feeding my MS HD E01 BLOCK, then i have jps labs kaptovators feeding all my equipment, no outlay as i have had these power cables some years and find they are at the very high end of performance. For signal cables i use Townshend Audio fractal f1 reference 2x 1m rca with the matching fractal f1 reference isolda speaker cables very new products, the outlay was around 6k but the results are absolutely stunning. In the UK Townshend Audio are major players i use there Seismic Podiums under my Sound labs i must say my system is sounding jaw dropping very open , musical and realistic, please check out Townshend Audio they have been around some 5 decades and there products are sold on audiogon by a very reputable UK dealer with discounts thank you for all your opinions.

I have found JPS LABS Aluminata combined with JPS LABS Kaptovators are still very high end power cables, the designs are quite old but purchased at second hand prices have represented very good sound and value. I decided to go with Townshend f1 fractal reference signal cables they created a completely open 3D holographic sound, i fill they are the most transparent signal cables in the world (my opinion) after DCT some other kind of magic is performed to create this special kind of copper, the designer Max Townshend is this time keeping this new process to himself,
all i can say is try them especially in a well balanced system where no added discolorations are needed just the true signal from your components the cables were 40 years in the making you should hear them yourselves, Imperial hifi have demo cables thank you