Whats the tubiest sounding preap?

Im looking for a very tubie sounding pre.
An open design would be nice and remote.
Price-$500-$800 used.
I know its a tall order but please offer some leads.I could do without the open design and remote if need be.
I have always liked sumo, threshold and belles. Classe is fairly warm and can be had with a remote.
Maybe Cary? No remote thou!
The most tube-like preamp I have heard is the Audio Refinement Pre5. This is an incredibly underrated pre that has 5.1 ins/outs for multichannel sacd and a very nice remote. The sound is very SET-like, with excellent extension at the frequency extremes and superb resolution of detail. I'm using it with a VAC tube amp with fantastic results. You should be able to fine one used for about 650-$700.
Maybe the CJs. They have a very warm mid range but lack so of the details of other preamps.

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How about Audio Research SP-3 or SP-6. IMHO anything tubier would not be hifi.

Do you still have the Audcom? Your system listing notes that it is remote controlled -w- added Auricaps. Why not go with softer sounding caps (Jensen PIO's, or other vintage PIO's) and some tube rolling?

Seem to recall that it used obscure signal tubes though.
CJ fits the bill.
I have a CJ PV-8 in black with all caps replaced with Auricaps. It sounds pretty tubie especially with the Telefunkens. Wicked phono section too. Oh yea, its for sale.
Try to find a Classe 5 or DR-5 preamp.Had one for a couple years. Great peice,gorgeous build quality and sound.
The Cary AE 3 is VERY tubey. No remote on the base model but is an open design.
Dekay-Yes,I still have the Audcom.
I found some RCA tubes for it, but it's by far my weakest link.
The audcom sounds like SS IMO.
I have the 'itch' to move up also :~)
I've got some good leads here.Thanks 'philes!
I guess that everyone is raving about their own tube pre,
so let me join the group. Audible Illusions Mod 3 is a great piece of equipment. A very simple layout inside using
four 6922's and comes with a stock MM phono stage. If you
need a MC stage, thats SS. Used about $1200, but well worth it. Remote ? absolutely not, but how many exceptional pre-amps come with remotes, and how much extra
are they.
Depending on the tubes that you use, some C-J's can be very "syrupy sweet" sounding. Cary's can also do this but i don't know about remotes.

By the way, you didn't specify if you wanted an SS design that mimics the "tubiest" sounds you've ever heard or if you simply want some really warm, soft and smooth tubed gear.

If you're looking for an SS piece that can mimic tubes with a remote, buy a Marsh MSD P-2000 and swap some caps into it. No phono section though but it has a very nice, full function remote. Without the cap swap, it will sound very warm but the top end is somewhat tizzy sounding. Sean
Thanks for the info.Sean.
I did mention however I was looking for a pre w/an open design.(exposed tubes)
Your comments on the Connie J's interests me a bit.
I do want a pre that is very sweet sounding and maybe with a hint of maple syrup but I dont want the detail mucked up either.

P.S. does anyone like the sound of syrup? Wouldnt it be very smooth and sweet?
I would be interested to hear from people in the 'syrup camp'(if any)
David if you want syrup you won't find anything better than a Conrad Johnson PV-5. 500-600.00, right in your price range. It has a midrange rich and thick enough to sink in, real lusssh.
Either a Conrad Johnson PV-5 (around $500) or a CJ PV-ll (around $700) would fit your requirements perfectly. I have used both. They're both great tube preamps with a beautiful, lush, warm midrange; great on vocals. I think that the PV-ll is a little better on the dynamics (zippier?), while the PV-5 is a little more laid back. I'm talking a very minor perceived difference. You probably would be happy with either.