Whats the total gain of CJ Premier 3 phono input?

I have a Conrad Johnson Premier 3 pre amplifier but I`m not sure whats the total gain when I use it`s phono input. CJ web site (http://www.conradjohnson.com/It_just_sounds_right/a-pr3.html) says that the phono stage has a 40 dB gain and the line stage has a 28 dB gain. Do I have to sum the two gains (since the "sound signal" will pass through both stages) to find out what`s the total gain when using the phono input?

So, what gain should I consider when choosing a cartridge to my TT, 40 or 68 dB?

Thank you very much and sory for the poor English (I`m from Brazil).

Pedro- Your english is fine. Yes, you have to sum the phono and line stage gains; total pre-amp gain is 68 dB. You can use the KAB gain calculator found here to look into this further, but that is probably plenty for most LOMCs.
Although the total gain may be 68 dB, as I understand it, the cartridge should be matched to the phono stage gain, and not the total preamp gain. Is this not correct?

That`s exactly what I`m concerned about. I don`t know if I have to choose the cartridge based on the 40 dB of the phono stage or on the 68 dB of both phono and line stage.

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See my post in your other thread.

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