Whats the most you paid?

Whats the most you paid for a record?
Did you play it if it was new?

I bought a blues note LP for $100 and the wife thought I was freakn nuts...TWF ho hum...

Just curious...
$55.00 for a copy of Tabuh-Tabuhan on a Mercury living presence many many moons ago.Will not pay anywhere near that for vinyl anymore.
Your wife seems like a pretty reasonable woman !!!!
the first two chocolate watchband albums (sealed/no tears,bends,bumps,cuts/perfect)on tower records.bought in the 1980's , and 'even then' your wife would have certainly had me commited. they're still unopened and would be on my short list of things to grab if the house was on fire....i have lots of records that are now worth many times what i paid for them, but thats not my motivation for collecting (some are worth something only to me)....the hunt is the thing.
A friend of mine has spent up to $500 per LP for the so-called Hot Stampers from Better Records.
These are just used records that have been "listened to" critically and are deemed the "BEST".
Crazy world out there.
$40.00 for new Japanese pressing of Madonna 2LP "Ray of Light" won on eBay from France. (it got here fast, and that seller raised the minimum bid for other copies!)
My 'best deal' was for some rare album I found at another store and immediately sold to my favorite dealer for $20.00 (I had paid $0.18 for it.)
$150.00 for a mint Columbia Masterworks 6-Eye Pablo Casals recording of the Schumann Concerto, & Encores with pianist Eugene Istomin. Worth ever penny!
Speakers Corner 180g stereo reissue (3 LPs) of the 1966 Janos Starker rendition of the Bach Cello Suites from Acoustic Sounds for $110. Easily worth it to me, it's one of my favorite and most played albums now. The stereo version definitely transports the recording acoustics to your listening room, and there is more low end body to Starker's tone than the original mono version (which I also own).
80 dollars for a used MOFI of blind faith with the banned cover and 80 for a first pressing of beatles white album. Both are very excellent recordings but far more than I would normally pay. THe next most expensive was a used blue vinyl release of Division Bell. It was 45 dollars which is a steal compared to what this fetches on EBAY currently. I have many albums in the 20-30 dollar range trying to fill selected holes in my collections. But my average cost for my collection is still close to one dollar as I have purchased several large collections for 50cents or less per album
Forgive my lack of social-networking-lingo savvy, but what is TWF?
.65, just bought 300 pristine imported classical LP's for $200. My average purchase price is .05, that is 6000+ LP's for $300.
150 dollars plus 28 shipping (!) a few years back for a sealed first U K pressing of Pink Floyd dark side of the moon with the blue prism. I thought I was nuts after buying it but when I see what they go for now ... I guess I was (accidently) wise to get it when I did. I have paid upwards to 100 dollars(and over) for quite a few scarce , limited and mint or sealed lp,s. I,m not a collector though in the true sense because much to the dismay of my friends I open them and play and thoroughly enjoy them. I like the music itself and if its sitting in a shelf sealed and un-used to me it might as well be a rock. I have so many lp,s I paid so little for that were well looked after in my mind I can justify treating myself to the more expensive ones now and then. But like most of us those rare finds that are getting scarcer to find cheap are always the best. Like a stone mint mono copy of Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane for 5 Bucks at a garage sale last summer. It all balances out in the end which comes to quick not to enjoy and treat yourself! Cheers.
$95 for a mono test pressing of Whiter Shade of Pale. It's a cool song.
I wonder how many are holding back and not revealing how much they spent.
50 bucks for the 45rpm two-LP version of Thelonious Monk's "Brilliant Corners". It's a bit better than the single LP mono copy I bought in the early 60's for $1.99, but not worth the 50.
About USD500 for Ry cooder Jazz MFSL - rare
Is this one?

Bach Cello Suites - Janos Starker [reissued LP]: usd110+shipping
Beethoven Sym 5 - Wilhelm Furtwangler: BPO (1943 live) [reissued mono LP]: jpy11000+shipping
Beethoven Sym 7 - Wilhelm Furtwangler: BPO (1943 live) [reissued mono LP]: jpy11000+shipping
$325 for a pair (mono and stereo) of first state Beatles butcher albums in 1981.
$200 for Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie, low numbered original run. Absolutely great.
i will just say considerably more then listed. but they are rare original/promo pressings that in good times i believe will apriciate. if not, could have lost the money in the stock market. rather have the vinyl. to each their own. oh, my wife always thinks i am nuts!
$35-40 for the DCC of The Doors (debut) New sealed etc it was a while ago...next would be $25 for Black Sabbath (debut) from the castle remasters also new sealed
Paid $80 for the water lily 'meeting by the river' 45.
Cued it up, dimmed the lights, 5 minutes later, I had to ask myself... ' what am I doing with my life?'
never did listen to record #2.
Now I only shell out big $ for 'must haves'
if the 'best recording in the world' comes around again, which, inevitably it does, I'll listen to a sample first to see if the music floats my boat.
For must have stuff, it's worth the big bucks, because you can't put a pricetag on joy, nostalgia, goosebumps and so on.
My wife doesn't need to understand it!!
Cued it up, dimmed the lights, 5 minutes later, I had to ask myself... ' what am I doing with my life?'
You're saying the music was so profound it caused you to question your life after 5 minutes? Wow!
Chayro- I am with you on that song. I have 3 versions so far. House of the rising sun is another favorites song. Just got the Frigid Pink CD- gunning for the LP now. Hmmm maybe its the organ....
Stl114 - My favorite WSOP is the alternate stereo mix done by Tim DiP. Far better than the am radio mix of the test pressing. Do you have that one?
Chayro- Never heard of that one-Do you have more details? Who is Tom DiP?
$315 for the Nimbus Supercut pressing of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here
Stl114 - The alternate stereo mix of WSOP was a limited edition single, one side cut at 33.3 and the other at 45 rpm. The record itself has a Regal Zonophone label on it. Tim DeParavicini is the head of EAR electronics. He is noted for his modified studio tape recorders and tube microphones and such.

I purchased the single from Acoustic Sounds a few years ago, maybe 2007. I don't remember the price, but I don't think it was too much. As far as I can see, it's gone. I can't imagine finding a used copy, as I don't see why anyone who liked the song enough to purchase it would now part with it.

BTW - I don't know if this is true, but I read somewhere that WSOP is STILL the most played song in British pubs. Pretty incredible for a 1967 song, although I still think the best rock music ever produced was from about 67-69. Joplin, Hendrix, Creedence, The Band, Sly, Zeppelin 1... The list goes on.
$77 for a VG++ Kind Of Blue 6-Eye on the 'Bay.
It was worth it for reference to the 4 track and 2 track prerecorded tapes and European vinyl issue that I also have along with the MiniDisc version and the 1997 new Sony legacy version and the 1992 gold disc in the tall sleeve.
I have over 20 of the Hot Stampers from Better Records with the most expensive being $450. Well worth the price in my opinion. Once you hear a great sounding record an average copy won't do. I do my own shootouts at home with 5-12 albums and while each individually is not that expensive, the total cost is usually well over $100 and it takes a lot of time for cleaning and listening.

I don't buy records for an investment, only for listening.
Up to $200 on rare blue note or prestige, but I also lucked out on a rather unplayed Beatles Yesterday and Today 2nd state for $1 at a local estate sale.
Most I ever paid was ~$30 for Classic Records and DCC pressings in the 90s.

Best deal would have to be $1.49 for Szigeti Bach Sonatas and Partitas set in a very nice original pressing just last year.

A clean Riverside 10" of Blind Lemon Jefferson's Penitentiary Blues for $1 wasn't a bad deal either.