whats the difference between high capacitance...

and low capacitance cables. Looking at aes/ebu's on bluejeans site and it shows one thats low capacitance, high flex and one thats says higher noise rejection but higher capacitance. Gonna get some cables to connect my CEC CD3300R to my Lite Audio DAC68 (via aes/ebu) and then from the DAC to my Adcom GFP-750 preamp (via xlr). What should this high/low capacitance mean to me and my application?
I've found that low capacitance cables generally sound cleaner and more extended, although they may lack smoothness. Digital cables are completely different than IC's though and "low capacitance" is a relative term. Often, low capacitance also means high inductance. Before shopping by the numbers, try some at either end of the spectrum and hear what you like and which provides the best match for your gear.

Nordost and DH Labs are usually low capacitance due to teflon insulation and construction.