whats the best pre amp to pair with Bryston 4b cubed? A

asking because there seems to be lukewarm enthusiasm for the bp17 cubed which I wdve thought the obvious pairing.


at present I run Totem Forests in a 16x 20 space-I listen mostly to classical music so value imaging and soundstage particularly.

Currently powering system with arcam a49 integrated .

So Im looking to upgrade the performance of the arcam in the areas set out above if possible.

In my space the arcam btw is pretty good in those parameters -more and better wd be the goal.

Budget not a factor as being 76 its likely the last major purchase in this arena but Id expect somewhere probably twice what the arcam cost wd be needed to get anything more than a sideways move -so say 16-20 thousand?

That of course for a preamp and amp combined.


with high level separates it is usually a 'no regrets move' to pair same make pre and power

everything else was not designed specifically to mate, even if they do that fine...

exactly my bafflement with lack of love for BP 17 cubed.

Wdve thought it a no brainer all things being equal paired with a Bryston amp.

Anyways thanks for yr comment jjss49 and all the other posters as wel 

don't worry about naysayers if you like bryston go for it, they are a quality outfit

I tried a set of 7b3 monoblocks in my system at one point in time.  It turned out to be pretty good after an internal fuse upgrade, but the overall sound was thin in bass, midbass, midrange.  I would pair this with a very thick sounding preamp with heavy on the midrange texture and warm slow bass.