Whats the best power conditioner for RPTV?

Tv is a Hitachi 53inch SDX. Anyone A/B a device and go wow?
Darryl, I am going to try a few conditioners in the following week. My current unit is a Tice A/V Solo. A small isolation transformer* is en route, as well as one of each Vans Evers Analog and Digital Reference 12's.

I am also trying to get one of the new Yugoslav DeZorel filters to compare with all these. Seems to me the Yugoslavs have a killer product at a very atractive price. The TNT guys in Europe have gone nuts about it, especially because they say it actually improves power amps!

I will try them with my 27" Sony WEGA and test things thoroughly in my RF/EMI infested apartment building. Drop me an e-mail if interested in knowing the results.

*This is the transformer:

Richard Gray Power Co. RGPC 400s

Hooked my 60 inch Sony up to it and saw noticeable improvement in picture quality. Highly recommended by Widescreen Review.

If you look around on Audiogon, you should be able to find a good used one for around $450.
Darryl> I don't know if it is the best but I was quite amazed at how much better the picture on my 55" Toshiba Cinama Series was after the installation of a Monster HTS 2000.
TV is 32" Sony XBR2 into a Tice solo A/V into a Tice Powerblock IIIC- result? DVD quality from regular Satellite feed. (also- use good video cables- all my crucial conections are Wireworld Silver Starlight III+ S-Video- definitely 'completes the picture')
Artemus_5 - are you just using the electrical side (plug from RPTV into the 2000) or are you using the coax hook-ups (video signal) or possibly both???
You could look for a Vansevers Digital Junior or Video Junior (they are similar), which is a one outlet digital conditioner, for issolating one component.
Rgd> I am using both electrical and coax hook ups. I noticed an immediate difference in the picture quality. However my 2 ch audio sounded pretty thin for about 2-3 days.
I've had excellent results from PS Audio Ultimate Outlets...
Install an IEC input so you can use some aftermarket powercords on your tv.

I'd recommend going with virtual dynamics.

If IEC isn't an option, I'd second Richard Grey and Vansevers or use PS Audio's ultimate outlet.
I second the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet. It made a real difference in my picture with the added benefit of surge protection.