Whats the best power amp $1000. for Magnepan12s?

Presently I have a Bel Canto S300iUSB and ARCAM A65+ paired with an old but cherished set of JMLab 3.1 Dalines. I just received my new MG 12 and am in need of some additional current to help my Maggies move some air when using the S300iu as my MacPro as a source. I need to find a nice sounding power amp that would go with the Bel Canto so I can keep my ARCAM with the JMLabs as a second system - or sell them to help fund a nicer amp. Anyone have the amp I need?
Quicksilver 90s? Heard these on a friends' Maggies-nice combo.
I have been using McCormack amps with my Maggies and they really get the job done nicely. A DNA-1 would be in your budget and really make the 12's sing. I am using a fully modded DNA-225 with my 3.5's and couldn't be more pleased with the combo.
My cousin runs a Plinius 100mk-3 on his Maggies with a tube preamp and they sound very nice.

Thanks to all. I will look in to each of these. I auditioned the Bel Canto Ref1000 monos. They did lower the MG12's bottom end but at a cost of $4000, too much money presntly.

I appreciate the suggestions.
I have a pair of nelson pass designed adcom 555's mk1 with handels I'll let go for $850.00 fantastic shape.REAL work horse's.
Thanks for the offer Rose- but Im leaning towards and looking for a used BAT K-220 if one can be found since it's new. Obviously Im going to have to up my budget.
I auditioned the BAT VK-55 tubes with my ARCAM A65. It lacked in bass with the Maggies but did warm up the mids. My thought is to add the BAT VK-220 power amp then down the road add in their VK-3i preamp when money permits.