Whats the best platform/support for Hydra

I have just bought an original Hydra/Anaconda to replace(possibly)a Hydra 8/Mojave.
The 8 was on a rigid & vibration free rack - hard cones improved the clarity/dynamics as/manual.
Because the original is so heavy it was placed on the floor - thought it was better initially then the dynamics vanished. Placing on a heavy sheet of glass supported by cones restored dynamics big stlye but lacks bass ?
Also can't see how a 15amp fuse can better a Carling breaker - solid slug/uprated fuse ?
Roksan Xerxes/Linn Sondek/Nu-Vista amp & cd/Virgo 111s/REL sub-woofer/Select & HMS cables/Shunyata pc's/dedicated consumer unit+Kimber ring main.
22x14ft room - 'eclectic' taste in music
Black Diamond MK IVcone/thick puck combo or source board and MK IV combo. Open sound, linear.
I got a PolyCrystal stand from the Cable Company (www.fatwyre.com) that's exactly the right diminsions as the Hydra. You might want to contact them and ask them about it (or a comparable stand; PolyCrystal has been known to change their sizes).
After much experimenting I found that I like my original Hydra (not 8) best on a German Copulare rack, the Hydra directly on top of Aurios Pros and the rack itself on Aurios Pros.

For a while I thought that I like the Hydra on Stillpoints but then it seemed that dynamics had vanished (I have yet to find a case where I prefer the Stillpoints to the Aurios).
thanks guys,still experimenting - sold the 8 & the original seems very particular about where it's sat !
It's like a mega tone control - has anyone tried dispensing with the fuse?
I find the original constrains dymamics on the amp - the 8 didn't - solid slug the way to go?
Have you considered contacting Shunyata to see what they recommend?
; )

Hi Chaps,
Thanks for the input - problem solved - a very heavy Butchers block (about $28 from TK-max). Installed threaded inserts & 8mm spikes. Carbon fibre isolators with brass spikes between block & Hydra - works a treat.
Regards Si
Just as a footnote - the solid 'slug' works wonders for the Hydra !
Who sells the slug? Where can I purchase a slug?
Hi Yada,

I bought mine from a Shunyata dealer but I think it was used - his own 'old'Hydra being sold & he had it lying about. I just stuck a wanted ad on gon & suggest this would be your best bet - it cost $25 + shipping.
Hope this helps.
Tried many - so far, Ken Lyon's Nueance isolation shelf AND Orchard Bay Khorus brass cones works best for my original Hydra.

The copper slug helps too but is difficult to source.