Whats the best modern Preamp with Loudness butto

What is the best SE preamp preferable tube with a loudness button ? Prefer slim profile & black . Thanks!
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McIntosh? Black, but not slim.
The Mcintosh C22 reissue or original. Being tube it is not that low profile but what tube premp is.
I love the C-22 my pal just got one, but it will not fit in my rack. I am currently using a Tandberg 3008a which is very nice ! thanks!
have a look at the ATC SCA-2
Weiserb: You could pick up a used TDS Passive Audioplile for approx. $200 and install it in the tape loop of any tube preamp (granted that it has one). Use the TDS for low level listening. This is what I have done in the past.
If you can swing $750 used get a Mac 712 the last entry level before current C15 (think 712 is better).Should be able to get it for half of $1500 list.Continuously variable loudness is even better than switch plus you get bass,treble, and very flexible in's and out's an remote.Like many of us out there I go through HiFi gear like Liz Taylor does husbands and all I can tell you in terms of musicality,egonomics,looks and feel this was about the hardest piece ever to give up.
Get a Peavey Cosmos and it will solve all your bass problems at any level and give you a great soundstage at the same time - it is only two inches high and can be put between your preamp and amp in either rca or xlr in/out. Go to the Peavey website to find out more about it. A fun and great piece. Sells for 250-300. Many of my friends have added it to their systems and we have really high end stuff - I mean ridiculously priced stuff.