whats the best fluid for long lasting Lps.

i need some input on whats the best fluid to preserve the Lps.I own a 16.5 vpi and want to apply a stuff to harden the surface of my Lps.and what is the best brush for daily use.thanks everybody
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Ptaldorr, if you're committed to applying a preservative, the LAST Record Preservative seems to be least likely to do harm. But, my recommendation is to focus FIRST on excellent cleaning using one of the very effective record cleaning fluids such as Disc Doctor, Record Research Labs or Audio Intelligent. If you're not using one of these (or a couple of others), you're simply not hearing your records at their best even though you're using a very good rcm.

FWIW, I used a home brew cleaning fluid, a VPI HW-17 rcm and LAST preservative. Once I started using Disc Doctor Miracle Record Cleaning fluid and brushes (together with my rcm), I started getting consistently superior sonic results from my LPs, and I've stopped using the Last preservative. My philosopy with many many used and new records in my collection is now: clean very well before 1st play with Disc Doctor, use a carbon fiber brush before each play, handle and store correctly. I have no doubt that my collection will last beyond my lifetime.
LAST is the stuff to use. But should be used only on totally clean (cleaned) LPs.
I have purchased used LPs coated with LAST and they ARE BETTER.
I would pay a buck more per used LP for LAST coated LPs.
(Which is about what it costs to do them with LAST.
Other than that use the LAST stylus preservative. Every LP side a dab of it. The stylus will last way longer than without it.
to rushton and elizabeth,thanks,and where do i get the disc doctor and does it act as a laster for lps.i have a full gallon of nitty gritty pure 2, is it good compared to disc doctor.
http://www.discdoc.com -- Disc Doctor just cleans, it does not change the vinyl nor does it add a coating to the vinyl. I've never used the Nitty Gritty fluid, so I can't compare to it. If you want something that act as a "preservative" on the vinyl, use LAST.
thanks rushton.pat
I agree with Rushton that a good cleaning is all that is really needed. (But what constitutes a "good" cleaning is a whole other discussion!) The environment is inherently dirty with dust etc. so using a preservative will just "preserve" in the grime that you didn't remove. I prefer to not have anything between me and the grooves!
I strongly urge the original poster to do a thorough search through the archives.

There are many ideas about what is ideal and the best, shared by a variety of posters.
Record Research Super Wash and Deep Cleaner, for the really dirty ones. A little goes a long way.