whats the best bob marley LP

just saw that concert footage of him in cali late seventies great performance did that make it to vinyl?
Bablyon by Bus,it is a double live album.There isn't a bad song on the lp.Look on ebay for new copies about 15 bucks.
I have always loved "Babylon By Bus" a 2LP live recording. It's better than most all the studio stuff I heard for fidelity and the band, songs,versions are great. The I3's are in force for backup vocals. Sick version of Kinky Reggae among many others. You can find used vinyl and new as well as CD's of this recording.

I too saw him on tv while he was still with us;mid 70's. I must have ran out and bought 'BBB' the next day. Watching him perform is infectious.
I would vote "Exodus" in this corner. "Waiting in vain", one of the tracks, is simply outrageously good.
I cannot disagree with the abovementioned either.
"Babylon by Bus" is very heavy on bass/drums and vocals, the keys and some guitars are sometimes a bit buried.
I would vote for the best sounding LPs to be "Kaya", "Survival", "Uprising" in that order. "Exodus" has perhaps more legendary material.
I agree with Rotarius, I love the Rastaman vibration album
Rastaman Vibration should be the first Marley album on your list. It is his Blood on the Tracks, his Sticky Fingers, his Who's Next. Buy it now.
Rastaman Vibration gets my vote 100%.... 

Catch a Fire would be my call all the others mentioned are very good as well but I enjoy Catch a Fire the most...
Haven't heard them all, but so far Talkin' Blues is really good sounding and the music is equally as good of course.
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Catch a Fire is my personal favorite. I like practically everything the man recorded, though.
"Live At The Roxy" - Bob's emotion in his voice comes across very well on this recording - most emotion I'd ever heard from him - chilling. And the sound is pretty good as well.