whats the best and chiper amp to play b&w 802

im getting 802 N I going to be broke for the next 2 month but i got a pioneer elite 140 watts :( per chanel for now and it socks ....so whats next a krell o...
Look at Cambridge Integrated from England. They have deals now for the 640-A2 new for 399.00.

Larger amps also available.

British with British, and you may not want to swap out so fast.

Good luck.

I loved my 802's
what also i have to buy and thanks a lot,, what about krell
I have a pair of N802 driven by a Krell KSA 250. Not the 250s the original KSA 250 with 1 blue light on the front.

Speakers are wide bass is effortless with krell snap.

Try one ive never seen a krell beat in the price range. I purchased here for $2600. + 250 shipping since this guy weighs 190lbs.

Much less expensive than Krell and an excellent match (at least on the 801, have not heard them on the 802) would be the Eagle or EKSC 400 monoblocs. They were perhaps the best and most practical of Iverson's powerhouse designs. If you are not familiar with EKSC, they are a former Electron Kinetics employee who does upgrades and repairs on Eagle electronics.