whats the best amplifier for me??

I wanna buy an amplifier probably from the audiogon site but do not know which one will be better for me. i have a pair of JM lab focal speakers and i do not wanna a big heavy one which will take too much of space and I can not lift if I wanna change the position

if size and weight is a consideration then maybe you want something like nu-force or anotherclass t amp. What's your budget and the rest if your system like?
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A few more details would help us help you:

-Which JM Labs specifically
-What are the other components of your system
-Room dimensions (Roughly)
-Price range
-Musical interests
-Preferred listening volume and sonic attributes

For starters
if size and weight is a consideration then maybe you want something like nu-force or anotherclass t amp.

Nuforce are Class D amps, I believe. Good recommendation. I'd check out BelCanto's Ref 1000's as well (similar technology). You can always get a gym membership and work on those chalk farms until you can mscle a Pass Labs.

Search the archives for "class D" amps. Loads of info.
Research the Channel Island Audio D-200. It's a Class D amp similar to Nuforce and Bel Canto. There is a lot of information available about any of these amps. They are all light weight, cool running, and have a fairly small footprint. I auditioned the Nuforce - a great amp IMO - but settled on a pair of D-200's ... mostly due to financial considerations ($5,000 vs $2,500 new). I got a pair here on A-gon for about 60% of retail. The D-200's should work well in your configuration.
by a strange coincidence, the one i'm selling.
I also suggest the Nuforce Ref 9 SE monos, but also the Spectron Musician 3 stereo, which can be bridged to mono if you so decide at a later time. Rowland 501 monos are also quite sweet, but may be a little more expensive and I suspect may sound a little 'cooler' than the Spectron.
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I actually own Focal Electra 936s which are fairly large to begin with. If you own something like that and not minimonitors the space issue is really moot. The best combination I found after years of trying all sorts of solid state was a tube power amp with enough out put power to yield great sound with some headroom, and very importantly tube power amps that I could afford.
The answer even if you need a friend to help you lift them, you didn't say how much you lift either, are Consonance 800 Monoblocks which deliver 75-80 wpc from 4 power tubes in each amp, but even so manage to sound much bigger and more powerful.
I have yet to clip them and am totally satisfied Nirvana at last thank the good lord almighty, at last, at last!
I am not kidding at all, check out the six moons Brutus award they got.
You don't want some little amp that wieghs two ounces, forget it, you want the sound of only big power trannies give you. The best part is you can even afford to buy them brand new for only $4-5K. For tube power amps of that size it is a bargain. Find me another for that money! Remarkably they are not oversized class A SS amps and these wiegh about 80 lbs each not 180lbs which a fine SS amp would. (they are tube class A).
I invite you all the way from the UK to hear what I am saying is the truth. (No you have to pay your way and I won't put you up for the night, but will serve you a beverage of your choice and a bite). I am fairly certain they are distributed in your Kingdom, find the dealers and check it out.
I have heard a BAT, Bel Canto, Utopia set up at the big NYC show a few years ago, that was great, but the number of amps and other helpful bits were more than I could count.
Really don't be silly about space for cripes sake how much space do you have? Any good system will require some space.
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Get an upgraded Counterpoint NP100. I have a Counterpoint NP100 Platinum and it drives my Alto Utopia with ease.