Whats the best $1500 tonearm for a Teres

Doesn't have to be new but must mate well with a Benz Micro Ebony L. I know Teres' website point to Moerch as being a top tier. Origin Live is also listed, But what other arms are Teres owners using or have used in this price range.

One more question. Does the Benz cart mate well with Teres TT?

FWIW I know this TT is worthy of more but my budget is already stretched. Thanks.
You can try a 2. Hand Graham 2.0 series, they are an excellent match with Benz cartridges (and you have all adjustments).
A cartridge is an independent Design, there is no interaction with a Turntable, more to a tonearm (vibration, weight, length etc.)
But anyway, those Benz cartridges are all very easy to go, don't worry.
Get one of the new Ortofon 9 or 12 inch arms. They are excellent period and for the money almost unbeatable.
As Syntax said, mating between cartridge and table is not a significant concern. Neither is mating between tonearm and table, at least not with a table like yours (able to fit nearly any tonearm, no suspension to be thrown out of balance).

I don't have enough experience with your Micro Ebony L to offer suggestions, but I also agree with Syntax that the Benz's I have heard all behaved themselves no matter what arm they were on. Not all cartridges are so forgiving, so you're lucky in this respect.

An arm you feel comfortable setting up and adjusting will probably end up being better adjusted than one you find difficult to understand or intimidating. Study the pictures. Find the manuals online and read about how the arm works. Try to imagine yourself setting it up and working with it every day. This will help you make a decision that works for you.
Thanks for the informative answers
FWIW, my question was spawned from my experience with an upgrade from an MMF-7 to a Scoutmaster. I had a Goldring Elite cart which had performed very good on the 7. However when I put it on the SM, I was very disappointed. My upgrade was not an upgrade. Though it had a lot more weight and authority, the tonal qualities were quite bad. I finally came to the conclusion that there was an incompatibility. Changing to a Dyna 20xl made a big difference. The Benz is much better still. But I never knew whether it was an arm or table incompatibility
Dear Artemus_5: As Doug point out ( he is an owner ) you don't have any problem with almost any tonearm to mate with your Teres.

I'm not a " fanatic " of unipivots but the Moerch is a good design that give you the opportunity to try different cartridges due that you can choose different Morch arm wands, of course that if you don't think to change your cartridge in the short time then that Moerch " future " could be not so important.

Doug point out too something like to choose a " user friendly " tonearm and I have to add especialy on cartridge set-up, from this point of view this alternative seems very good for you:

Regards and enjoy the music,
I've a Teres 255 and used to use an Origin Live Silver (with hi-fi mod) with Shelter 501mk2 and Denon DL103. I changed to an Airtech MG-1 air-bearing tonearm which I believe is about $700 or so now, with the air pump. In my opinion it's better in every way than the OL Silver. I've since moved up to a ZYX Universe S-SB cartridge and am very happy. I think this air-tech might be a giant-killer, but I defer to folks who may have compared it to other tonearms, as my experience is so limited there. It may be one of those times you don't have to spend serious $$ to get great results. I've no association with Airtech - just a happy camper customer. I've had the tonearm for about three or four years now.

For clarity, did you move the tonearm from your MMF-7 to the Scoutmaster? Or did you use the Goldring Elite on a VPI JMW arm? Curious as to why you had that problem...
I moved the Goldring over to the JMW-9 which comes with the Scoutmaster. It was a terrible match which surprised me since, according to specs it should have worked nicely. That is what made me wonder if it was a mismatch in the table and cart rather than the cart and arm.
OK, I've settled on an arm. I am picking up a Teres 340 on Monday and have bought an Origin Live Illustrious III for it.
This may not be the final arm on this table but it was all I could afford at this time since I've really stretched to get the TT. Time will tell. Next up is to build a rack for it. I'm planning on building the one which Chris Brady has pictured on his (Teres) site.
FWIW, I remember the first time I saw a Teres 265. I was captivated by its beauty if nothing else. Being a woodworker, how can you NOT like the Cocobolo?
Anyway, Thanks to all who have been helpful
Congratulations! Keep share your impressions as the rig runs in and save your shekels for new vinyl ;-)
You may never want (or need) anything more than the Origin Live Illustrious III. Be excited about it, and enjoy it!
Thanks gentlemen for your encouragement about the arm. The OL seems to have its share of detractors and those who love it. I think the detractors do not like the inability to adjust all planes ie azmuth. I'm not a big tweaker so i may not find this a big distraction. It will be next week before the arm arrives. I'll keep you posted after I get it setup

I picked up the TT today. Beautiful. I never thought I would be able to own such a fine table