Whats the best $1000 speakers

Hello everyone, I'm starting a new two channel system, and need some new speakers, and a intagrated amp, and cd player. I am interested in the Vandersteen 1c, and the Monitor Audio Silver RS6s, but I am open to any suggestions. If anybody is familiar with these 2 spakers, I would be thankful for any advice, and some intagrateds that would match well with them.

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Magnepan MG12 would be my nomination for speakers. Maybe an Oppo DVD player as a source, and a 100 watt (or more)integrated amp to drive 'em.

I think the Vandersteens are an excellent choice at that price point, with decent, quality bass at the price and good imaging. It is the speaker I would buy if I were looking for a fairly full-range speaker in the sub$1000 category. I would stick with SS if you are looking at comparably priced amps.
I vote for Vandersteen and the new DCM speakers, for under $1ooo they are stupid good...one of the biggest surprises I found at the NYC Home Entertainment show last May.
Haven't heard the Monitor Audios but did own the 1Cs for a while. AT the used price <$500 they are a fantastic buy.
The Totem Arros are my favorite speaker in the 1k price range. Of course I have not heard everything in that price, but I don't think you can go wrong with the Totems. I have owned the Vandy 1b and I did like them but I prefer the Arros. Good luck.
Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 is my favorite in that price range.
quad 12L or 21L
I own a pair of Triangle Zerius 202, and find them stunningly good. I paid them $990 new. You can now find a pair of used Triangle Celius 202 on audiogon for $750. If they are in good conditions, that's a steal.

These speakers are very sensitive and bright...perhaps too much with an overly detailed amplifier.
Thanks guys, you have all been very helpful, anymore help would still be appreciated.
Find a used pair of Snell CV. They sell for $800 - $1000. You'll have to spend a lot more to better them with a new speaker.
I forgot about the old Snells. They were great, so were the Dahlquist 20s.
maybe a pair of dunlavy sc3's; as they show up now and then here on audiogon.
I'll second or third the Snell suggestion. CV's are wonderful speakers in this range. Another one, a bit more vintage, would be Snell A-III's....they ran around $5K when they launched & still sound like it.
I've heard a lot of speakers in this price range, and settled on a pair of Ohm MicroWalsh Talls. Powered with a Cyrus 8vs2 Integrated, this combo is pretty amazing.

I've had my Ohms for almost 4 years, which has to be a record for me, everything else just lost my interest within a month or less...
joeygrace321, I think its important before suggesting a speaker here that we know how big the room is and maybe the type of music you listen to. This will play a big part of the speaker and integrated, happy hunting

I think a lot has to do with your music preference, room size, upstream components etc. I own a pair of Magnepan mg12 an couldn't be happier. (these come up here on Agon used in the $750 range...thats how I got mine. If your room is large enough, you can often find the larger 1.6 on sale for at or aroung $1k).
I just heard a pair of Klipsch RF62 Loudspeakers yesterday. We played jazz, blues and rock and this pair performed very well for $800 NEW!!! The dealer then played the RF83 and it was amazing how a $800 pair sounded comparable to a $2500 pair of speakers - The speakers were driven by Denon AVR 4308ci at the same volume, same room size. It was impressive...
My room is 13x26, and I listen to mostly, vocals, and easy listening.
consider a single driver system and a tube amp for this vocal midrange material. or a 2 way with a gentle crossover slope per driver. from what i read about single driver designs they are perfect fit. as a tubie i think it is a natural fit as midrange is superb. ss will work fine too if you prefer but tubes are great fit with vocals imo
That is a good size room, I was going to reccomend the B&W 805S but don't know how they would do in that size room. They would do very well with your music though, I think the b&w is one of the best for female vocals, that is where I call BS on a lot of speakers is in the vocals. The 805S may fit your budget but not so sure about the roome size. Another speaker I like for this music is the maggies, but again not sure about the room size versus the speaker in this price range.

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There is a pair of Klipsch Chorous speakers listed for $350. That is quite a bit of speakers for $350. A nice tube amp or moderate power quality SS and you are set to go.