Whats playing on your system today?

Today I decided to listen to two of my favorite rock guitar heros and one great vocalist. Guitarist' Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison.

I listened to Trower songs:
Bridge of sighs, Stitch in time, The fool and me, my personal favorite- Too rolling stoned and others.....

Then I pulled out "Gamma". 
I listened to: Razor King, Wish I was and Skin and bone and others.....

Davey Pattison hooked has also up with Michael Shenker also. I really enjoyed my day so far. Anybody else heard anything good?



Deadmau5...but my listening is all over the board...Laurie Anderson...Dire Straits...Nine Inch Nails...Martyn Bennett...Aphex Twin...Roxy Music....Nilsson...Little Feat...The Art of Noise....Randy Newman...Fred Neil...Blue Rodeo....Stabbing Westward...The Tubes...things you'd recognize...things you won't....

One hit wonders...remixes of a single selection, just for 'comparison's sake' (Sneaker Pimps' "6 Underground" is a good example)...LOUD...soft...complex...simple...

Sorry, not much in the way of 'dead white Europeans', although it's appreciated that all stands upon their shoulders.  But I/we do go to the symphony when something of interest is on the bill.  That's always better 'live', as was always intended for the form....

I like variety in my diet. ;)

I have great respect for variety.  We have the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Thanks for mentioning The Tubes. I saw them years ago at Bogarts in Cincinnati. Fee Wabill came into the audience during the performance and took my friends Fosters Lager from him and chugged it, autographed it and went back on stage.  

Also a big NIN fan, Little feat. Dire Straits too. I'll explore some of your other selections as well. 
Today I listened to Toto, "Hydra ", entire albumn. 
Also Candlebox  S/T. I particularly like the song "Rain". 


Buddy Guy - Heavy Love
re: peter holsapple--i forgot about the continental drifters (his project with the girl from the cowsills!). "vermillion" was the one i remember as being noteworty. as for chris stamey, i useta wear the hell out of "wonderful life", "it's alright ( a slicker major label lp) and the "instant excitement" ep--none of these are on spotify, but very well worth tracking down on ebay or wherever--in contrast to his later, wispier stuff, i still remember these songs 30+ years later.

speaking of great songwriters with bad voices, i've been listening to steve earle's latest, terraplane. the guy's obviously made a pact with the devil--all that heroin and hard living and he still hasn't lost the knack. "go go boots are back" may be the best song he's written.
likewise, game theory's "lolita nation" (just reissued). the late scott miller's reedy voice is an acquired taste (i dig it), but he was a great, smart pop writer and anyone into  big star/dbs/posies will worship this.

The good Rats, "Tasty" and "Cherry River". 

one more holsapple reference, then i'll shut up forever---marty, you're probably onto golden palaminos "blast of silence"---for the unitiated it's a sorta supersession featuring among others, a very young matthew sweet and tbone burnett. the great syd straw covers an obscure holsapple song, diamond; the little feat songs which begin and end the record are also great. the earlier "visions of excess" is artier and features michael stipe (doing moby grape), jack bruce and johnny rotten

It's been a very, very long time since I thought about the Palominos.  I lived in Hoboken during The Feelies early run at Maxwell's, so I initially knew the Palominos as Anton Fier's new band after he quit The Feelies.  Then, they just started soaking up one after another of my favorite performers.  

I was big Bill Laswell fan at that time and he was an original member, I believe.  Later, both Matthew Sweet and Don Dixon signed on and they are first tier names in my book.   (One aside: My first dance with my wife was to the Don Dixon/Marti Jones arrangement of Joe Tex's "You Got What it Takes").   IIRC, even Richard Thompson got some run with the band.  Syd Straw, T-Bone Burnett, and a few others that I'm no doubt blanking on at the moment also did time with the Palominos.

(What, no Lindsey Buckingham?)  

Man, I gotta go back and revisit that stuff.  Thanks for the reminder.
I agree, Lindsay Buckingham is a great musician and song writer. I believe Rolling Stone magazine had him listed in the top 100 best guitarist. 
Though I didnt follow him far from Fleetwood Mac, I do own "Buckingham Nicks", (1978) and "Go Insane", (1984). 

I've been listening to the Buddy Guy stuff. Excellent. I really enjoy listening to as much of the media mentioned as time permits. Thanks for the education. 

This afternoon I listened to Blue Oyster Cult, "Secret Treaties", entire CD. I really ennoy "Dominance and Submission ".

Duke Ellington, ( the Master) Live at Newport LP

The Continental Drifters were (are?) a fantastic band! They did a residency at an underground (literally---it was in a basement) club on Hollywood Blvd. in the early-to-mid 90’s, playing every Monday night (iirc) for a long time. Everybody in L.A. went to those shows, and guest artists would often join them onstage.

Besides the aforementioned Peter Holsapple (whose drummer in the dB’s, Will Rigby, is now working with Steve Earle. Small world!) and Susan Cowsill (at the time girlfriend of then-L.A. resident Dwight Twilley), members included Vicki Peterson of The Bangles, Dream Syndicate bassist (and major a-hole) Mark Walton, and incredibly good drummer (and singer) Carlo Nuccio, who played on Tori Amos’ first album. One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen; their albums are pretty good, too.

I downloaded the Continental Drifters, "Vermillion" last night. Listened this morning. I like it a lot. Going to give it a few more spins over the next few days.

Also this morning...Ambrosia, "One Eighty ". 



A little free association here: Will Rigby.........Amy Rigby.

Will Rigby's ex-wife Amy Rigby is a wonderful performer in her own right (as well as in her duo with Don Dixon's wife, Marti Jones (who, incidentally, sings like an angel)).   Amy always shares a little aphorism in her concert between-song patter (and its one that I'm sure you know): The drummer is the one guy in the band that never gets laid.

She follows that with one of her best original tunes: "Tonight, I'm Gonna Give The Drummer Some".
Love the Continental Drifters, DBs, Don Dixon, Golden Palominos, et al. I associate Mitch Easter's Let's Active and early REM with that genre as well as the Connells, Guadalcanal diary, the Jayhawks (who have a new one out) because of the vocals, and for pure garage jangle fun, the Tim Lee 3.  Tim Lee was part of the Windbreakers from that era and has a trio with his wife. Their latest "33 1/3 " is worth a spin.
In a completely different style, now that Spring is in the air, I have been enjoying Stick Figure's "Set in Stone" which is a west coast stoner reggae outfit along the lines of Sublime and Slightly Stoopid. Check out "Fire on the Horizon" on youtube. Nice background music for margaritas by the pool. Sounds great on my system too.
Man, you guys are talking my language! Lots of great people listed here, particularly Don Dixon and Marti Jones, whom I love. I view Buddy and Julie Miller as the new Don & Marti---great songs, singing, playing, and production. Their music makes me happy. And hey, I got my fair share; it's bass players who don't get much ;-).
David Gilmour, Rattle that lock. 
Pink Floyd, Animals.

Pairs Combo--Motifs.


Did you see Steve Earle at the Madison Theater in Covington back in November? Great show! He's going to be in Dayton at Fraze Pavilion in August. Tics go on sale Saturday morning.


Unfortunately did not catch the show. In fact, I was not aware he was even performing in the area. Huge mistake on my part. Was there an opening act?

I saw Steve Morse there a few years back.  

I should consider going the Dayton event. 

nutty, re Deadmau5.."I Remember" is one of my favs...softer, but all of his skill at harmonic manipulation in play.  Check out his live concerts on YT for what 'stage craft' has become.  If 'light shows' like that had been around in the '60's, some of us would still be slack-jawed. *L*  And the shows 'explain' his constant and consistent rhythm as a segway theme.  EDM and 'house' are subject to disdain and rightly so, but  he's one of the better artists (yeah, I'll allow that claim) at it.  But I've been accused of bain gramage and being enraged in sonically antisocial proclivities so I could be dis'd as being 'not mutual' or a 'deformed source' of misinformation....;)
...that, and battering the language with a grain of assault....*G*

I watched the YouTube link for Deadmau5. It is a great show and the song is fantastic as well. Never hear of the artist prior to your post. Yes, artist! Thanks for the recommendation. 

Hello tfl303,

I took your advice and listed to Duke Elington, "Live at Newport". I did enjoy every minute. Very nice recording. 

Asvjerry, +1 on the NIN and Stabbing Westward!!
After listening to David Gilmour and Pink Floyd yesterday I was reminded of a song by Paul Rogers and the Law.  "Stone", and it features David Gilmour. There is other talent on the albumn as well, Kenny Jones, Pino Palladino and Brian Adams. 
"Stone" is my fav cut though. 

Aslo listened to a cut by Riot, "Shadows". 

Then a song by Tony Iommi featuring Ian Astbury, "Flame on". Great stuff.
Ian Astbury also has 2 solo albumns. Not great but worth a spin if your a fan.

Now I'm tracking "Just Tonight", by The Pretty Reckless, just for fun!

Just starting in
On th platter for tonight

Johnny Winter-Second Winter.    playing now
Iron Butterfly-In a Godda Da Vida
Deep Purple-Made in Europe.   All original members. 1976
   DP now in  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Robin Trower-City Dreams
Robin Trower-Live


Great set last night. I read that DP was going to be inducted. Took them long enough. Did Tommy Bolin get mentioned? I know Glenn Hughes was slated to be included.

Today so far I have listened to Max Webster. The albumn is called Universal Juveniles. The particular song is "Battle Scar". The song features RUSH on the recording!

Next was Hero Jr. A Grungy little band! Songs were a cover of the Beatles "Eleanor Rigby", originals "Bottom of the end", "Graveyard of mirrors" 

One more song from Hero Jr ,"Anger Room". 


 A quick search I did not see Tommy  Bolin listed w other members
Among others. I saw Chicago.  Cheap Trick. And Steve Miller Band all inducted

I must say that since this thread started 3 weeks ago. My system has been playing or on Stand-by warm up mode ready to play something ever since.

Last night I also plays some Aretha Franklin greatest hits. On CD


About 6 months ago, a local radio stagion, 89.1fm was discussing Chicago and Steve Miller and why they were not in the Hall of fame. Good to hear that Cheap Trick got the nod as well. Big fan of them as well. 

My system has been on 24/7 also. I've been busy as well.


Thats two for NIN this week. 
Music library playing tracks in random order.  Currently Vivaldi 4 seasons. Recently Children's Village of Jerusalem, Eagles, Agent Orange, The Romeros, Traffic, Astrud Gilberto, Miles Davis. 

Need to queue up Rite of Spring soon.  Start some riots and all that...  😎

Nice to to be able to just relax and let the computer decide what I should hear next. 

2 days of Merle Haggard:

Same Train, A Different Time - sings the great songs of Jimmie Rodgers.

A Tribute to the Best Damn Fiddle Player in the World.

Tulare Dust: A Songwriter's Tribute to Merle Haggard.

Merle Haggard box set.

Washing it all down with some Laguinita's IPA.

Porcupine tree, "Fear of a blank planet".

Puscifer, "Momma sed". 


I am looking for this CD;

Atzko Kohashi - Dualtone

anyone have a copy or know where I can buy it?

I cannot help you with the music your seeking. 

Mark Lanegan / Black Pudding
Do Make Say Think / Other Truths
Do Make Say Think
Flaming Lips / Christmas on Mars

I've not heard Mark Lanegan solo work or Do make say think. Need to look into it. 

Today so far:
Slash, "By the sword" featuring Andrew Stockdale.
Tool, "Sober".
Coheed and Cambria, "Welcome home".
Genesis, "The knife" and "Turn it on again". 
Dream Theater, "Illumination Theory".

DG CD, Gustav Mahler Symphony #2, Leonard Bernstein & the New York Philharmonic.
So far today-
Tears for fears, "Songs from the big chair". Entire CD.
Judas Preist, Sad wings of destiny ". (Amazing) entire CD.
Bobby Darin, The song, "Mac the knife". (Played it twice) On CD. This is perhaps my favorite song ever! Any genre.


Finished the day with Journey, "Look into the future". (1976)

OK, y'all...memory lane....
Peter Murphy, "Cuts You Up" (Yup...every time)
The Smiths, "How Soon Is Now?" (Was yesterday soon enough?)
Spooky Tooth, "Waitin' For The Wind" (Gotta love the Hammond hammer...)
Public Image Ltd., "Rise" (Cranky?....Yezz...)
Mink DeVille, "Spanish Stroll" (Zoot suite..)
The Smithereens, "Strangers When We Meet" (Now and forever...)
The Waitresses, "Jimmy Tomorrow" (...and I'm allergic to civilization...)
Fred Neil, "The Other Side of This Life"; Jefferson Airplane, ditto..just for contrast, y'understand...;)
Blodwyn Pig, "Dear Jill" (Slidin' into heaven...)
Blue Rodeo, "What Is This Love" (This is a great one for dusting off the woofers, BTB...)

Today I started with Alice Cooper, "Hey stoopid". (1991)
It has a long list of guest appearances.  
Ozzy, Joe Satriani, Slash, Vai, Vinnie Moore, Mick Mars, Hugh McDonald and Nikki sixx.

Listened to "Styx Paradise Theater". I remember the albumn/vinyl had a picture on it. If your a Styx fan, as I am, I wonder if you ever realized that track 4, "Nothing ever goes as planned" is almost entirely "Reggae? 

(Oh, one more item. Rory Gallagher is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, yet. Go figure).

Just finished Robin Trower newest release
"Where you are going to". LP
Quite good. Clearly more of a rocker than a lot of his previous releases
Recorded well sounding.  Robin does the vocals and the usual awesome guitar
signiture sound

Now for a critical  re-listen
Amazon has limited avaibility on LP


Going to see Robin Trower in concert in a few weeks.  Good to hear you liked his new album.   Thanks for sharing your RT comments, now I am really looking forward to it. 

Akron, Indy, Ft.Wayne. That's as close to Cincinnati that Trower will be. I might make the trek if I can get a couple of friends to embark on the trip. Definitely ordering the new albumn. 

Today I've only listened to Joe Bonamossa, "Slo Gin".


Any ambrosia fans out there? Classified as progressive/soft rock. Big fan. Some of the recordings are better than others. I do recall some of the vinyl sounding pretty good. I pulled out some of my favorites today.

I listened to several CD'S but some of the tunes that are stuck in my head are-
"How can you love me", "For Openers", "Holding on to yesterday" and Nice, nice very nice". I really anjoy the vocal harmonies. 

  It is worth seeing him.  I have seen RT 4 time at the Fillmore West,
last was Sept 2015.  He has been touring here, and the USA every other year for 10 years.or more   He sounds just like his 70 Live albums spot on . Fillmore is festival standing small venue, easily you can stand 4 rows from stage.  He usually plays 2 songs from newest album  then goes into his most classic stuff. Usually plays only at small venue
 Like clock work he starts right at 8:30  and is finished exactly at 10:30.
does one oncore set and always finishes with his most Blues song
His latest album fits right in with his earliest stuff  ,Awesome , I played it 4 times last night.
 Remember Nutty  YOU started this as a RT- Montrose  Guitar Hero
thread, I cant agree more  My System is still on Solid State HOT
Stand By Mode

Back on 4/6, just a few post above, I mentioned Candlebox. I know they are just another Seattle band in a long list of them. Not the best not the worst. But the song "Rain" stands out to me. It's got a blues groove that is different from the rest of their music. 

I saw them years back live at the Univercity of Cincinnati.  A fan tossed a Viking helmet with horns on stage. The lead singer duct taped it to his head and performed the next several songs. It was a good rock n roll concert, in my opinion. 

I found this link on YouTube for "Rain". It.was captured live in seattle.