Whats playing on your system today?

Today I decided to listen to two of my favorite rock guitar heros and one great vocalist. Guitarist' Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison.

I listened to Trower songs:
Bridge of sighs, Stitch in time, The fool and me, my personal favorite- Too rolling stoned and others.....

Then I pulled out "Gamma". 
I listened to: Razor King, Wish I was and Skin and bone and others.....

Davey Pattison hooked has also up with Michael Shenker also. I really enjoyed my day so far. Anybody else heard anything good?



Amy Winehouse, Back to Black.


Gov't Mule  "Dose" ,  "Shout"

You inspired me this time with the AW. I'm cleaning my lp of Duffy "Rockferry" as I write this.
Jethro tull  ....songs from the woods... rattling the windows :)
 nutty yes ufo sightings on my system for sure..

Tull is a genius, with over 40 albumns in his catalog. He is playing in at the Aronoff center in Cincinnati on April 12th. Just miles from my home. 

Listened to Rick Braun, "Full Stride". And I just finished Russ Ballard, "Barnet Dogs". Ever heard it?

Eva Cassidy - Simply Eva
Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton Play The Blues.
Ian anderson fronts the band "jethro tull" seen them many times over the years 
Russ ballard yes . I grew up listening to alot of progressive rock .. Tull ,floyd,genesis etc 
So far today:
Esperanza Spalding "Junjo"
Spoon "They Want My Soul", "Ga, Ga, Ga, Ga, Ga"
Blur "The Magic Whip" (if you haven't checked this on out, you need to"
David Gilmour "S/T"  (UK-Harvest), yeah!
The Golden Suits "S/T"
Steppenwolf "S/T" (Analog Productions)
If you're interested, see my review of the MOFI, Bob Dylan "Nashville Skyline" 45 rpm on the (Bob Dylan MOFI) thread.

for whatever reason, I just put on The Spinners  "S/T" MOFI.

Go figure?
..well I know why, cause I need to be fulfilled in all of the musical ways that I have to enjoy!


Thanks for the correction. I got ahead of myself. Ian Anderson is obviously the man. The tour is currently billed as Jethro Tull With Ian Anderson.  So it should be fantastic. 


You've been busy today ! I've heard some but not all of your list. I'll give thsm a listen. 

I also need to check out the Marsalis/Clapton. Thank you.  

So far today I've listened to the self titled "Joe Satriani". Great sounding on CD. Has anyone heard it on LP? And also Faith no More "The real thing".



They call me the "working man".

Just in case.. the above reference was lost....

I'm cueing up Rush S/T lp

Have a great one all!

I'm with you on Rush. One of my fav albumns. 2112 next. 

How about The Cult?  Any fans. Ian Astbury is a total rock star. Billy Duffy, (under rated.) "Sweet soul sister", " Love removal machine", "Edie ". The list goes on. 

2112? Hell yeah!

I'm thinking, Rush S/T is one of the greatest "freshmen" lps ever!

Of course, on A'gon, it gets No Love.
So far tonight

Supertramp-Chrime of the Century. LP
Rush-Once Under Pressure. LP
Creedence Gold. LP
Madonna -Ray of Light. LP
Robin Trower-Guitar Bandit. LP .   Great great album!!!


Great set list last night. You know I’m a huge Trower fan. We began this thread because of his work.

This a.m. I began with Radiohead ", The Bends".
Iron Maiden’s first albumn , "Killers".
Counting Crows, "August and everything after".
Robert Cray, "Strong Persuader" is up next.

Nutty, love The Cult saw them a couple times in the late 80's early 90's. Once they opened for Metallica and blew them off the stage, Ian was laying down sing during Love Removal Machine. One of my favorite shows ever. 

Check out a band called The Front S/T they were short lived but always remind me of a mix of The Cult,The Doors with a bit of Idol thrown in.



The Doors "S/T" , "Strange Days" (DCC lps)
Ryley Walker "Primrose Green"
Doobie Brothers "Living On The Fault Line"
re-listened to MOFI "Nashville Skyline"

Nutty: I recently listened to  "The Bends" & "Strong Persuader" as well.



I get the feeling, my posts may be overlooked.

Good luck to you all and Happy Listening!

Robin Trower
Touring now the East USA spring 2016.   Now  Now. now
West side USA 2017
Depending where you live

Check his website for location venue.  Basically Colorado East

I felt the need to explain...

I grew up on R&R. I understand the music and how it affects .

( I have Triumph, Uriah Heep, etc...), out the wazoooo....)

I also know that there's much more music out there to be discovered.

I tried to be the "conduit" here. It seems to have failed.

I value my time spent on these types of matters and, such, I have decided to move on.

Good luck to you all and I hope your musical horizons will be expanded!


Clyde Hopkins - Cd's Don't Mistreat a Friend, Lonesome Road & Cross Country

Blues Gold - compilation of 40 songs by various artists

Billy Cox & Buddy Miles - The Band of Gypsys Return (some great guitarts on this cd

Please reconsider your decision. Your knowledge and experience will be missed.

Best regards, 
This afternoon my wife took over the remote. Here was her play list.
Marvin Gay, "what's going on".
Stevie Wonder "Songs in the key of life". 
Diana Krall, "Love scenes". 


 I would like to thank everyone who takes time to participate in this activity. 

I agree for all participated
I personally got  many new artists name s from this thread that I need to check out


Last night I listened to the first two sides of the Santana Moonflower record and then had a yen for the first David Crosby-Graham Nash record, both on vinyl.

This morning I put on the Sirius XM Real Jazz station.  There's nothing like a little jazz early on a Sunday morning!

I agree with Slaw, early Fleetwood Mac is not to be missed.  The MOFI Surrealistic Pillow is also a treat!

Tommy Bolin, private eyes is one of the best rock albums of all time. Get a clean first pressing and the sound quality is also very good.

Trower is coming to our little college town.  Got a ticket.  Small venue.  Hope it is a good show.  

Listening to Glenn Hughes' "Addiction"...harrowing and powerful. 
The Cult is touring promoting their new albumn. I don't have it yet. Have you heard it? 

radfrad, ghosthouse,
The closest to me that Trower will be touring is over two hours away. Unfortunately I will miss him this time around. Don't know how much longer the guy will be around. 

I'm still glad your digging Glenn Hughes. He's one in a million. 

Im unfamiliar with your selections but I am going to check them out.

I'm  a big Santana fan. Even with Neil Sean. I've seen CSN twice. 

As I've stated earlier in the thread, Tommy Bolin was great. I like the "Private eyes"
albumn also. However for some reason "Lotus" from Teaser speaks to me when played at an appropriate level. Not the best recording on CD but it still rocks.


Started the day with-
Spocks Beard, "Breif Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep". Entire albumn. I've seen Spocks beard with Dream Theater at Bogarts in Cincinnati. Amazing show.
Chicago, "The Chicago Transit Authority". Entire albumn. 

If your into the Spocks Beard album mentioned above,  check out the bass guitar licks on track 6. The leads of Neil are great also. Neil plays the lead without a pick!

Check out the bass licks on track 7 also at 1 min and 30 sec. Sounds a little like a Rush song.

Chameleons UK strange times. 

Residents - American Composer Series - VolII performing songs of Hank Williams and John Philip Sousa

Smokin Joe Kubek, "My place or yours".
Joe Louis Walker, "Buz on you".
Boz Scaggs, "Hell to pay".
B.B. King, " I'm in the wrong business".


Nada Surf, "You Know Who You Are".

Chris Stamey, "Euphoria".

Well-crafted pop albums and a nice change up from the intensity of Glenn Hughes.  Just leave either of 'em on repeat.
Doris Day. Cuttin capers
Kurt Elling- Passion World.

Odd coincidence.

I just finished listening to "Mavericks" by Chris Stamey and Pete Holsapple.  I'm trying to work out arrangements for both " I Want to Break Your Heart" (Stamey)  and "She Was The One" (Holsapple) for solo acoustic guitar.  It's going to take me a while to sort it out (not great at that sort of thing), but it should be worth it.  Two great songwriters, IMO.
Lena Horn, " Love".
Kenny Wayne Shepherd, "You can't judge a book by the cover".
Mark Ethdredge "Connected".
Acoustic Alchemy, "One for Shorty".


Hey Marty - 
Maybe not so odd, I've commented before about a "simpatico" in our listening tastes.  Thanks for the tip on Holsapple w/Stamey.  I will check out Mavericks.  Do not know much about that whole "jangle pop" renaissance, but I will throw out one song title and you tell me if it connects for you: "Needles & Pins" from back when it all started...
jangle pop indeed.
marty/ghost et al;
peter holsapple in particular is one of the greatest under-recognized songwriters ever; cursed, unfortunately, by bad lungs--he's a non-singer. if you can, find his "out my way", a remarkably strong set of tunes which probably sold about 75 copies (i assume marty was one of the purchasers). for the uninitiated, the dbs first two records are stone, time-capsule quality classics; among the best 80s records. goddamn.
Hi Loomis - Always value your input.  Thanks for the info about Holsapple and the dBs.  There is some Holsapple/Stamey on Spotify and also the dBs first two:  Stands for Decibels & Repercussion.  Got the cans on listening to Stands for Decibels right now.
You betcha Loomis,

I believe that I own everything that Holsapple has participated in; DB records, solo album, duet with Stamey, and Continental Drifters.  I also tried to make it a point to catch his nightly (?) shows in a little dump (can't recall the name) whenever I visited New Orleans when he lived there.  

As to his lack of pipes, I had to laugh at your observation.  He's exactly like me - he won't even try to hit a pitch.  He just kinda mumbles his way thru songs.....just like me!  It may not impress many folks, but at least it spares embarassment.
My Morning Jacket / It Still Moves
My Morning Jacket / Acoustic (Live)
My Morning Jacket / Chocolate and Ice
My Morning Jacket / Evil Urges
My Morning Jacket / Z
David Bowie / Scary Monsters

I don't typically listen to that much of the same band at one time (I actually only listened to one side of each :-), but they sounded so good tonight. Then David Bowie reminded me why I got into high end audio in the first place. I bought that album shortly after it came out and it still sounds wonderful, especially at high levels.