Whats playing on your system today?

Today I decided to listen to two of my favorite rock guitar heros and one great vocalist. Guitarist' Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison.

I listened to Trower songs:
Bridge of sighs, Stitch in time, The fool and me, my personal favorite- Too rolling stoned and others.....

Then I pulled out "Gamma". 
I listened to: Razor King, Wish I was and Skin and bone and others.....

Davey Pattison hooked has also up with Michael Shenker also. I really enjoyed my day so far. Anybody else heard anything good?



The Mars Volta / Tremulant 
Katie Melua - Call Off the Search
John Mayall - Jazz Blues Fusion

This is fantastic live music recorded wonderfully. Get it! 
Emerson Lake and Palmer  Works Vol 1.
Saw them on tour with the 64 peice orchestra back in 77 
at Soldiers Field Chicago .
Roxy, Thanks for the recommendation. JM is great

vair, That must have been fantastic

Rilo Kiley / More adventurous

Ramblin' Jack Elliott / Friends of mine
Juryman / Escape to where 
Eric Bibb / Painting signs 
Joanne Shaw Taylor, Reckless Heart

CD Wagner's Lohengrin, Rudolf Kempe & Vienna Philharmonic

LP - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's 4 Way Street, acoustic seat again
Clem Snide / Moment in the sun
Tim Fite / Gone ain't gone
@boxer12 - What a coincidence. I just listened to  Clem Snide - "Moment in the Sun" on Spotify, just a few minutes ago.... Decent song. La,La,La,La,La..........
Flying Colors, S /T
Features Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater
Neil Morse of Spocks Beard
Steve Morse, of Deep Purple and Richie Dreggs

Ghost Stories / Quixoticism 
Boy In Static / Violet
Kruder Dorfmeister / The K&D Sessions
Akron Family / Meek warior 
Chris Robinson Band / Betty's
reubent, That is a coincidence! Not a real popular song, great band though

Quilt / Held in splendor
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance, concert DvD. Totally awesome, prior to Tribute to Jim Capaldi and Albert Lee with JR Vaughn. Accompanied with red wine and a fizzled tropical storm called Barry. Twas a good evening. 
Modest Mouse / Strangers to ourselves 
The Anubian Lights / Naz Bar
Frank Sinatra / Only The Lonely
Snowpony / Slow motion world

Concerto for 2 Pianos, H. 292, Bohuslav Martinu

Carlos Santana / Divine light 
Roger Waters, "Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking"
Roger Waters, "Radio KAOS"    

both on vinyl
Great Northern / Trading twilight for daylight 
Storyville ... Robbie Robertson.

Hey uber, Good to hear from you! I have that one on cd. It is pretty well recorded. Good stuff 

Audra / Going to the theatre 
The Good Life / Album of the year
Sleep Station / Hang in there Charlie 
Solo - To Bi or Not To Bi (Live) --- Biréli Lagrène [Jazz Guitar, Post-Bop]
miles gurtu --- Robert Miles and Trilok Gurtu (House/ Trance/ Electronic)
Blood Orange - Angel's Pulse - Qobuz
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Strangers From The Universe (LP).
Statistics / Often lie 
Devotchka / How it ends
Mostly Bears / The Ed Mitchell Clinic
John Hoskinson / Misc. heathen 
Mickey Katz live at the Fillmore dude!!
One Ring Zero / Wake them up
ebm, You've mentioned him before. I'll have to check him out. Thanks
My son helped me install a new Hana cartridge, which I can no longer do on my own due to arthritis :-( ...lots of violins please. ;-) He hasn’t heard my system since I’ve made a couple of upgrades so I played him side 1 of Heart’s Dreamboat Annie, which is an excellent recording, to which he was suitably impressed. I later played Peter Perrett’s new LP Humanworld.

Henry Gross - Plug Me Into Something
Jason and The Scorchers - Lost & Fond
Mason Ruffner - Gypsy Blood
Elf - Elf
Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets
801 - Live
Led Zeppelin - I
The Polyphonic Spree / Thumbsucker 

lenmc, Love that Eno album

Welcome Moffer
Illum Sphe / Ghosts of then & now