Whats playing on your system today?

Today I decided to listen to two of my favorite rock guitar heros and one great vocalist. Guitarist' Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison.

I listened to Trower songs:
Bridge of sighs, Stitch in time, The fool and me, my personal favorite- Too rolling stoned and others.....

Then I pulled out "Gamma". 
I listened to: Razor King, Wish I was and Skin and bone and others.....

Davey Pattison hooked has also up with Michael Shenker also. I really enjoyed my day so far. Anybody else heard anything good?




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Tunng - Sounds you Make at Night 
Dan Deacon - Mystic Familiar

Both on cd
Fiery Furnaces - Blackberry Boat 
The Moles - Tonight’s Music 
Gong - Floating Anarchy 1977
Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings
Califone - Quicksand / Cradlesnakes. 

Hector Zazou and Sandy Dillon - 12 (Las Vegas is Cursed). Dark, moody, and very cool. 
Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow.
Milky Chance - Sadnecessary
Wooden Shjips - V.

Boxer: +1 on the Tunng, Animal Collective, Of Montreal, and Pere Ubu🤣
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice - Gipsy Freedom
Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy. Classic. 
Thanx Boxer!

Nick Cave - From Her to Eternity 
Pere Ubu - Dub Housing. A classic in its own, highly unique way...

Albums are stylistically different, but really have the same “angst”. 😁
Mudang Rock - Simon Barker/Henry Kaiser/Bill Laswell/Rudresh Mahanthappa. A interesting mashup of styles. More jazz/free jazz than rock.

Reverberations - Blue Stereo Mix. Thanx Boxer, a keeper.
OOIOO - Taiga. Japanese Psych-pop album I picked up 10 years or so ago. Thought it was just weird, so really didn’t get any play, but didn’t just dump it off, either. In the player tonight, found it a lot more interesting! Amazing how tastes change and mature over the years with more exposure to different styles. 😁
Boxer: I get a grin every day seeing some of the obscura we have in common !😁

Dukes of the Stratosphear - Psurroundabout Ride
Black Dice - Creature Comforts 
Frank Zappa and the Mother’s - One Size Fits All
Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Coke Weed - Nice Dreams 
Zappa - In New York
Boxer: Can’t help you too much, only heard the 30 second snippets of Mary Weaver in Amazon. But it didn’t do much for me. Nice Dreams is so chill and lo-fi, more my style. 
Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM
Crescent - Resin Pockets

Morphine - Yes. Just a cool album. Tom Waits-ish lyrics with a simmering jazzy beat. 
Band of Bees - Octopus 
East River Pipe - What Are You On
F*** - Those Are Not My Bongos
Boxer: Cool. Thought that might be something you would be interested in! Let me know how “Mel” is, if it’s A Magnetic Fields collab it should be good. 

Dodos - Visiter. Boxer...
Lambchop - Nixon
Noir et Blanc - Hector Zazou/Bony Bikaye/CY 1. World music/electronica mashup. Interesting and well produced.

Quilt - Plaza
Mi and L’au - Good Morning Jokers 
Sean O’Hagen - Radum Calls Radum Calls
Jed and Lucia - Superhuman Heart 
The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy
Roommate - Songs the Animals Taught Us. Thanx Boxer!  
Captain Beefheart - Doc at the Radar Station
Tim Fite - Fair Ain’t Fair
The Zutons - Who Killed the Zutons  
Sia - Colour the Small One
Bark Psychosis - Hex
Forty Words for Fear - Madison Smartt Bell & Wyn Cooper

XTC - Black Sea.  Their finest imho. 
Pere Ubu - Dub Housing
Fiery Furnaces - I’m Going Away
Pink Floyd - Animals
Apollo Sunshine - Shall Noise Upon. Forgot how good it is!!

boxer - +1 on The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy
Sorry, don’t know what happened on my last post. Butt posting? Admins, please feel free to remove both...
A bit different from my usual....

Musica Nuda 2. Petra Magoni & Ferruccio Spinetti. 

Just an acoustic bass and a female singer, doing anything from the Beatles to Italian opera-ish. Wow, very cool. She has a great voice, and uses it. Mostly Italian, but it all works. gg
Pengun: I think I may still have a copy of that buried somewhere in my cd rack! I remember it as being somewhat..... unique. Think I’ll pull it out an give it another shot after 10+ years...
Dang Boxer, I don’t post much, but we have about 80% correlation in musical tastes! Your the only other one I know that has Year of Meteors and Fakebook, among others. Plus I just ordered Larkin Grimm... only interesting stuff through my system lately would be:
Gudrun Gut
I Put a Record On
give it a listen. 
Eclectic night tonight...

Broadcast - Haha Sound
Julian Cope - Peggy Suicide
Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

All off silver discs. 
Alan Vega / Alex Chilton / Ben Vaughn - Cubist Blues
Thanks Boxer! For some reason I figured you’d know the album...😁

Soft Boys - Underwater Moonlight. Love Robyn Hitchcock!
The Glands - S/T.

Interesting band out of Athens, GA.  Definite Athens sound.  Big Star meets Wilco meets REM with a touch of Beatles thrown in. 
Boxer, the Starlight Mints disc gets occasional play at my place too, just an entertaining, light, fun disc!
Crap night on tv so got plenty of listening in...

Joni Mitchell / Blue    
Black Lips / 200 Million Thousand 
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan / Ballad of Broken Seas

All very different but cool in their own way.