Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO
The Sheffield/Leinsdorf/LA LPs are underappreciated. The Prokofiev "Romeo and Juliet" recording on Sheffield LAB 8 is particularly good, imo.
Original issue Ray Charles! Yes, I actually have some 60s-issue vinyl from the No. 1 Soulman his own self! Thanks be to my father: R.I.P!! Et les duex . . .
Prokofieff - "Lieutenant Kije" Reiner/Chicago (Chesky RC10, the spelling of Prokofiev is Chesky's, not mine)
Bill Evans Trio - "Moonbeams" (Riverside 9428 180g Classic Records reissue)
A couple of CD's as well:

Dead Can Dance - "Toward The Within" (4AD 9 45769-2)
Cantus - "...Against The Dying Of The Light" (Cantus Recordings CTS-1202)
TT gear is up and running. Back in the saddle..1 week without Vinyl is almost more than I can stand..Tonight is celebration night. A quick spin of Michel Legrands"After the Rain" then Harry Chapin's Heads and Tails...ending up the evining with Leontyne Price singing "El Amor Brujo" and "Les Nuits D'ete" Fritz Reiner...Chicago LSC 2695
Brucker - Sym 6 & 7 - Jochum/Dresden on EMI
Jacqueline du Pre - A J.DuPre Recital, EMI HQS 1437
... (so good I couldn't bear to play something else thereafter; just sitting and savoring it)
Ken - glad to hear you've got your vinyl rig back in action!
Rushton- Thanks. Yes. There is nothing quite like spending an evening around Vinyl!! :)....Ken
Vivaldi - "Four Seasons" Von Karajan/Berlin (Deutsche Grammophon DG 2530 296)
Bill Evans Trio - "Sunday At The Village Vanguard" (Riverside 9376/Classic Records 180g reissue)
Respighi - "Ancient Airs & Dances" Philharmonica Hungarica/Dorati (Mercury Golden Import SRI 75009)
The Best of Missippi John Hurt, Vanguard VSD 19/20
Johnny Cash, The Singing Story Teller, Sun 115
The Byrds, Untitled, Columbia CG 30127
Coming up:
Robert Lukas, Usin' Man Blues, Audioquest 1001
Janis Joplin, Full Tilt Boogie, Columbia 30322
... an eclectic music collection is a joy :^) betcha didn't expect to find these in my collection...
What great choices!
Early start tonight:
Wagner, Parsifal, Solti/LPO, Frick/Fisher-Dieskau/Hotter/Ludwig, London OSA 1510 (only listened to 1st Act, more later... What a cast!)
Sileas, Delighted with Harps, Green Linnett SIF 3039
(wire and gut strung Scottish harp and voice)
Laudate II, DrottingholmBarEns, Anne Sofie von Otter, Proprius PROP 7860
Chick Corea - My Spanish Heart (Japanese Pressing)
Dave Brubeck - Time Out
Beethoven's Piano Concertos with Glenn Gould at the piano.
Nothing for me for a short spell. My TT is at VPI for a full upgrade of plinth, bearing, motor and platter. All Aries Two parts mounted on a dual plinth Scout (aka Scoutmaster)

Taking advantage of the situation, I also ordered a new Dynavector 17D2 MKII cart.

Your gonna love the upgrade! Buddy of mine just did the same thing and the same cart!(I convinced him..after I got the 17d2 for my Aries!!)Good luck and let us know when your back up!..Ken:)
Will do. In the mean time, tonight I'm going to hear the Philadephia Orchestra do Carmina Burana & Pictures At An Exhibition with an added bonus of fireworks!
And so who can compare with live music! Should be a great concert, Joe.
The poor folks here are listening to:

Beethoven Sym 1 & 6, Norrington/London Classical Players, EMI EL 749746
Bach, Violin Sonata in d (Partita 2), Joseph Suk, EMI SLS 818
Charpentier, Pasturale sue la naissance de N.S. Jesus Christ, Christie/Les Arts Florissants, Harmonia Mundi HMC 81082
I finally made up my mind and bought a VPI Scout earlier this week, now I can play some of those LPs I've been staring at for months.

Tonight it is James Taylor, Sweet Baby James and That's Why I'm Here.
Bruce Cockburn: Resume
Welcome back to vinyl, Dlwask! Be sure to spend a little time fine-tuning your new turntable setup: the time spent will reward you well.
amplifiers returned today oh boy. Dire straits Brothers in arms was up first second was Chesky ultimate demonstration disc really shocking the improvement the upgrade was on Spanish Harlem. Third was SRV Rivera Paradise didn't know this recording could be this good sounding. many more tomorrow for sure.
Rock on Mejames!Excellent system BTW! but didn't see your analog set up in the pics..What is your rig of choice to spin vinyl? :)Ken
turntable don't have one. Would like a Walker if I was using records.
Ah yes...Riviera Paradise on vinyl, now we're talking! Soon as I read that post I had to put it on the 'table. One of my all time favorites for sure.
Id like a Walker too! Ill settle for my VPI. BTW....Mejames...how did you find this thread for" whats on your TT " without a TT??..just curious?? LOL...hope your enjoying your upgraded amps..quite a set up! :)
Kehut & Mejames,
Rumor has it that Lloyd Walker is working on a "lower cost" TT. I haven't heard anything about it, but have heard some "buzz" about one being in the works.
kehut easy read Audiogon over and over couple times each day minimum especially the forums. let's see today was Eagles some Floyd 4 different ones dire straits first one.
Joe, That sounds very interesting. Will have to keep an eye and ear open for this for sure. Nothing on my TT again this eve. This time Ive sold my amp and am awaiting its replacement..Isn't this fun!....Okay Mejames..fill me in on the details!..:)
Doc Watson "Home Again", a Cisco reissue of Vanguard VSD-79239: WOW! I just finished listening to this for the first time, and I was blown away by this recording and the mastering job. This record is incredible! Originally recorded in Doc Watson's living room, this recording captures perfectly that intimate setting, the performers are recreated about as realistically as any recording I have ever listened to. I am impressed.
Dave Brubeck Quartet - double album "...goes to college & goes to junior college - live album - it sounds like one of those minimally miked recordings where you can see/hear the players position on the stage - no 20' wide drumkit here.

Rushton, Great recording!..I just ordered the Doc Watson "Southbound" lp form Robert at Cisco. He raves about it!..Ken
Dittos on Doc Watson. I have some old (early 70s) Doc and Merle Watson in my collection. Merle died way too young IMHO...
Ken, Robert's been after me about listening to the Doc Watson reissues for months; I just haven't had the time to clean it and listen. I owe him a phone call to congratulate him and Cisco on a great job reissuing those LPs. I'll HAVE to get "Southbound" now! And, as much as I like the original copy of Joan Baez's "Farewell, Angelina" I think I'll have to get the Cisco reissue of that now as well. Boy, this is going to be an expensive learning experience.
Another great re-issue is Ian & Sylvia's "Four Strong Winds" on the famous Vanguard label. This in one where the original Vanguard was not as good as some of the others from that time, however, the re-issue is stunning! :) Ken
Grieg's "Peer Gynt" (complete), Per Dreier/LPO, Unicorn UNS 75030 - a wonderful performance, definitely my favorite, of the complete Peer Gynt. Beautifully recorded by the great Bob Auger.

Dvorak, Pf Trio 3, op65, The Suk Trio, Supraphon 1411 2621/3
Bill Berry, "Shortcake" reissued by Pure Audiophile (PA-004, half-speed mastered by Stan Ricker, spread across 4 sides to allow for maximum dynamics, with three added bonus tracks - phenomenal! Link)

Respighi's "Brazilian Impressions" Mercury SR 90153, Speakers Corner reissue. (Most commonly known by the work on the flip side, "The Birds," Brazilian Impressions is by far the more compelling sonic recreation of the orchestra. Another outstanding Speakers Corner reissue from the Mercury catalogue. Link)
I'm baaaack!

Thanks to fellow 'GoNer Rushton, we were able to get a temporary fix on my Scoutmaster (Denon cart.) in order to start spinning vinyl again. My retailer is working with me to remedy what turns out to be a new Dynavector 17D delivered with a broken (read missing) stylus. No wonder we couldn't get it to track ;)

Anyway - let's get this thread moving forward again:
Gary Burton/Chick Corea - "Crystal Silence" (ECM 1024 ST)
Bill Evans - "New Jazz Conceptions" (Riverside 12-223)
Steely Dan - "Gaucho" (MCA-6102)
•Count Basie - Fancy Pants
•Richard Thompson - Mock Tudor
•Jay Hoggard - Riverside Dance
•Mosaic box of Complete Pacific Jazz sessions of Chet Baker with Russ Freeman
Handel-Harty "Water Music Suite" Dorati/LSO (Mercury SR90158) Wonderful reading by Dorati, excellent recording by Robert Fine and Wilma Cozart.
Beethoven "Sonata in G Major for Piano and Violin" David Abel/Julie Steinberg (Wilson Audiophile W-8315)
Leo Kottke "6 and 12 String Guitar" (Takoma C-1024)
Miles Davis - "Kind of Blue" (Columbia CS8163/Classic Records 45 rpm reissue)
Slipknot1, Leo Kottke is great isn't he. Gotta love the fact that you can find his LPs used for $1-2 each and they are well recorded as well.

Every time I listen to his recordings, I keep wondering how he gets so much going on with only two hands. Those Takoma recordings are done so well, you can hear fingers on the fretboard, Leo shifting in his chair, just great! And the bonus is like you said: they can be had for 1-3 dollars each.
Leo is a great talent,amazing stuff!!
Playin' the blues tonight...

Lightin' Hopkins and Sonny Terry, "Last Night Blues" Prestige/Bluesville 1029, Analogue Productions 45 rpm reissue (another superb reissue from the masterful hands of Hoffman and Gray at AcousTech, and the guitar/harmonica playing are not not half bad either! Seriously, Sonny Terry is just incredible on the mouth harp; what a combination.)

John Lee Hooker, "Sings the Blues (That’s my story)" Riverside OBC-538, Analogue Productions reissue.

Wild Child Butler, "Sho' 'Nuff" Analogue Productions Original APO 2015 - 45 rpm (About as "live" in your listening room as it gets.)
CSNY: So Far

John Lennon: Lennon Legend
I bet this one was not on anyone elses list. I bought a stack on used LPs a few weeks ago and have been working my way through them.

Last night I listened to three LPs the most fun was a Disney "Three Little Pigs" narrated by Sterling Halloway! It was actually a lot of fun.

The other two were a brit named 'Tracie' and someone named Tuesday Knight.
Nrchy, your LP selections were indeed unique!
Funny you should mention that! Played old, scratchy versions of Dumbo and Aristocats for my daughter the other night. Finished things off with "Ella and Louis"; her choice!
Bach - "Suites For Unaccompanied Cello Complete" Janos Starker (Mercury SR3-9016) This reissue has got to be one of the finest available. If you don't have it, get it. It is truly remarkable.
Ah..., the Starker/Bach reissue is indeed remarkable. Glad you've had a chance to listen to it, Joe!

These Speakers Corner Mercury classical reissues are incredibly good; they are doing a great job. I've just seen a preview of what's coming up in the next year (posted on the Phonogram list), and it's luscious. I know where my spending budget will be going. ;^)