Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO

Make sure to stream Tempest in super delux high res

Can't. I'm a lowly Spotify user. :~(
i am also....a ......Looser

@spiritofradio: I don’t know about the separate LP and CD issues, but the 50th anniversary deluxe boxset of Stage Fright comes out on Feb.12. It will include a live show from 1971, a show Robertson says is one of the best The Band ever did. I saw them in 1970 at The Berkeley Community Theater, and they were BY FAR the best Rock ’n’ Roll ensemble I’ve seen and heard live (and I’ve seen a lot, including The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Who with Keith Moon, Hendrix, Cream, The Jeff Beck Group, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Rockpile, Little Village, NRBQ, Dylan, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, The Crickets, and hundreds more). More like a Jazz group than a Rock one.

The box will include a recording Robertson, Danko, and Manuel made in a hotel room, new at-the-time unrecorded songs available for the first time. The album is being remixed from the original multi-tracks, a great idea. I’ve never liked the sound Todd Rundgren produced. Hiring him was a terrible idea, and Levon took a real dislike of Todd.

The Stage Fright song running order will be not the one used all these years, but its original intended order. I have a first pressing American copy of SF (mastered by Bob Ludwig), a first pressing UK copy, and the Mofi, plus a couple of Capitol CD’s and the Mofi SACD, but can’t wait for this box!

By the way, whart is Bill (William) Hart’s Audiogon moniker. Bill lives in Austin, has a couple of great hi-fi systems, and eclectic taste in music. Plus a very interesting website. Real nice fella, too.

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