Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO
Steve Winwood, that's a good one, especially way back with the Spencer Davis Group.  I saw Traffic perform in the earlier days, 1971.  Wonderful concert. 
I also saw Alice Cooper 3 times.  The reason I bring up Alice is because I am about to put one on the platter now;  'Welcome To My Nightmare'  Original copy, perfect condition!
Love me some Alice!

Cringeworthy storytime.

Back in about 1974 or so, maybe 73, there was a music paper in England called NME ( new musical express), every Wednesday.
I was a religious reader!
One week right on the front page was a story that there had been an accident at one of Alice show and the guillotine had a real blade in it and he had been beheaded!

I wailed and gnashed my teeth in anger, shock, horror and told/showed everyone at school who I thought might care.

It was April 1st........

Took a while to live THAT one down!

Traffic - On the Road. Island 1973
The Beatles - Rubber Soul. Columbia reissue 1976
Patty Griffin - American Kid