Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO
Simple minds Real to real cacophony
Original UK press Arista
Simple minds new gold dream
Original UK press Virgin

On retirement places... for me as a water person - preferably salt it is fairly easy. I think a key decision is are you a water, mountain, desert , plains or woods person ? You might consider long term air bnb rentals you figure that out... before ya leap $$$$
My retirement requirements are very modest TBH.

A minimum of 25 acres, property in the middle. Full razorwire perimeter with fully automated gun turrets every 100ft.
Not too much to ask for......
On Portland ( which we love like a separated twin ), I always liked Shawn Mullins take.... check out his Song: September in Seattle “...

it will take you for a ride

if ya like it check out the 4 LP Souls Core Revival...
Uber - 25 acres in the San Juan’s is gonna set ya back.....