Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO

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Won't be much time for music this weekend.
20th wedding anniversary and away to enjoy the time.
Keep up the great work here and everywhere!
Thx Spirit, Tomic and Slaw!

It's good to be here in spirit at least.
You can't stop the signal.
Brownie points to anybody who knows what movie that quote is from but I digress.....

Even when enjoying our 20 years anniversary I find a record store and found some good vinyl I just had to have!
Eye of the Hurricane ... The Alarm.
American Garage ... The Pat Metheny Group.
Live From Earth .... Pat Benatar
Fire on the Floor ... Beth Hart.
Nine Tonight .... Bob Seger
Colour by Numbers .... Culture Club
Look Now ... Elvis Costello & The Imposters
The rubber mat took a swan dive from my tt-71 early in its life never to return.
Slaw custom cut a MyMat just to fit inside ย the platter lip exactly .
Be a good move Greg.
Touch .... Eurythmics
Quite a set list there Hopkins.
Nice work!
Benefit .... Jethro Tull
Pollinator .... Blondie.

I streamed this couple years back and thought it was very compressed.

I bought the album at B&N 50% off sale on a chance.

It sounds quite good so nice surprise.
Not getting sucked into this BS. Just popping in to comment on the bullying, and the intolerance, and ignorance, and where it all leads. When some whiny special snowflake gets to censor and silence whatever he doesn't like, then turn around and pick and choose what parts of it to criticize, its total childish bullying of the worst sort. No attempt at finding anything of any real substance. Just stfu. Oh but we still get to pull up whatever slight we can find, right down to a single misplaced letter, and nail you for that. Which you don't get to defend, because we just take down what you post. While our BS gets a free pass every time. ย 


Oh, where it all leads? Well you would know that. Except they got to the books before they got to the web. So you never read Lord of the Flies. Pity. You would see yourself there. On. Every. Page.
Looks like my favorite member has finally lost it big time.
It's definitely Miller Time!
Sorry, it's off topic but I have zero time or patience for that clown whatsoever.
Just needed to vent.... Lol.
Anyways enough already, this is not the thread to drag down into the primordial ooze those pair skulk around in.

You can't stop the signal!
Not really surprised Eric.
But between Miller and Mijo it's enough to make one think they picked a hell of a week to quit glue sniffing!
Whatโ€™s happening? Am I in a Progressive commercial?
You are the star of it GK, in fact you sound a bit like Flo......
And back to our regular programming.....

Post Pop Depression .... Iggy Pop.
If you had said pastry guy I might have replied that I resemble that remark.....
Tarantella ... Chuck Mangione
You don't like Chuck?
It's good to relax too.

And your post two up cracked me up but oh so true.

When I have gear out for delivery I am prowling the doors and windows watching for the FedEx or UPS truck.
When not, well they could dig up the drive and I might not notice that day......
I'm chill Tomic.

Hard not to be mellowing out to Chuck Mangione.
Hooligans ... The Who.
Is that the same Angel City that is also known as The Angels from Angel City?
From Australia?
Pretty sure it is.
I have Beyond Salvation, few years later but pretty awesome IMHO.
Aladdin Sane โ€ฆ. David Bowie

Mint pressing and sounds glorious!
So ..... Peter Gabriel.

Not my favorite album but for $1 in mint condition I'm not going to pass it up.

Great SQ for sure!
Lush Life .... Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra.
Edgar Winter's White Trash
Sorry to see you go to the dark side!
Seriously contrary to popular belief they do NOT have cookies!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.

Really though why not do both?
A lot who post here play records and stream.
Try it before divesting yourself of all those fine records that you may live to regret.

I ripped all my CDs couple years back and rarely play CD often but records?
No way could I part with that sound.

Good luck though.
Great stories on Loverboy and Aldo guys!
Never seen either.....
Ok call me stupid...
How in the world do you search for items just by a certain seller on discogs?
I see no such option on the app?
PC version only or am i missing something?
What did you do on discogs brother Slaw!

Sorry but that is funny that the Audiogon king of vinyl does not meet some requirements.
And Slaw... you know I am not laughing at you of course, just the absurdity of the situation.
Correct Slaw, which is why I felt comfortable buying 3 albums from his list.

My seller grading are all based on my own play test and if it is bad, well I will say so up front,no point trying to make a quick buck and having upset customers and a bad rep.
Seatrain S/T.

Afternoon Slaw!
I understand totally.
Btw I figured out how to search by username and just placed an order with you my friend!

My username on discogs is crowtree99
I hear you and agree completely on all that is bad with discogs, remember the debacle I also had with the Led Zep 3 album.
I have thrown better albums away!
But same thing, just cos I had only 8 feedback and the seller had 100+ I am "the noob" and don't know my condition grading!
I remind them that I have 1800+ pos feedback on eBay and most certainly do know a thing or three about record grading and sales/purchases and they then pulled the offer of returning it for a refund and outright stated any bad feedback left would result in the same and likely a report to discogs where I would be sure to lose.

I still might call his bluff, say 10 minutes before feedback time period is ending!
Berlin ... Lou Reed.

This was a B&N 50% purchase.

About all it's worth.... Lol.
SQ is pretty lame.
Oh well.
Romantic Warrior .... Return to Forever.
The Best Of Alcatrazz.

The man responsible for giving Ritchie Blackmore what he had craved for so long.... MTV hits.
Graham Bonnet.
Helluva Band .... Angel.
Small world ..... Huey Lewis and the News.
Another all nighter!
Good man.

Btw drrsutlif is not really that new... Lol
Lives 1 mile from me and is the table setup guru I go to for help in setting my gear up to perfection. He has all the right tools for the job and a fine pair of ears!

He is enjoying his new Origin Live table right now I suspect.
JT ..... James Taylor.