Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO

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@weegoody  @klaatuzero - Welcome to the " Whats on your turntable tonight?" thread. Keep 'em coming.....
@j_damon  - I love "Every Picture Tells a Story". It's in my top 10 favorite rock albums, without a doubt. I don't recall the author, but it was rated #1 best rock album in a book of the top 500 rock albums of all time. For me, it will never top "Who's Next", but it pretty darn good IMHO.
Humble Pie - "Smokin'"
The Guess Who - "Share the Land"
Patto - S/T

Love this LP. 
Kyle Craft - "Full Circle Nightmare"
Imelda May - "Life. Love. Flesh. Blood"
Yaz - Upstairs at Eric's  - Allison Moyet's voice is incredible......
Wire Train - In a Chamber - I'm in an '80's mood...
Jeff Beck - Loud Hailer 
Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush - Live
The Tubes - What Do You Want From Live -------WPOD!
Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town
The Bears - Self Titled

Adrian Belew + Psychodots = The Bears. Some of Cincinnati's finest.
Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar (re-issue Double LP)

Make Like Paper is a killer..........

If you like Neil Young or Wilco, check this out.
Prefab Sprout - Two Wheels Good
Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound.

Recorded after the exit of Roger Hodgson, but is probably my favorite Supertramp record. More consistent than any of the other Supertramp records IMHO. I almost always listen to it all the way through. Not a clunker in the bunch.
Listened to Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar again tonight. Good record. Nice quality double LP. The song "Make Like Paper" is at the top of my current favorites list.

I bought Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar based on your post. Thanks....

However, I bought Brother Where You Bound in 1985! ;~) Been in regular rotation since then. 

Thanks for your post about the 12" single of Supertramp's 'Cannonball". I took a look on eBay and found one in the UK. It's on the way to my house. Hopefully its the correct one. It is a 12" 45 RPM single. Side 1 is Cannonball (Direct to Disk Version) and Side 2 is Cannonball (Instrumental). Looking forward to hearing it.

Excellent! I'm looking forward to it.
This morning I was craving some calming music to set the mood for the beginning of my day. Picked a perfect choice:

Al Stewart - Year of the Cat

Nice way to ease into the day........
The Smithereens - Especially For You

Glad you enjoyed it. I think it's a great softer rock record. Good early morning wake-up call or nighttime sign-off...

I've really enjoyed this thread, along with "what's playing on your system" and "what's in your CD player". I've found some great music, or was reminded of some old favorites.

I worked late this evening and stopped in the local Half Price Books on the way home. Picked up a few LP's to spin on the Pro-Ject tonight. Got the following:

Jeff Beck - Performing This Week.... Live at Ronnie Scott's (new 180G)
The Knack - Get the Knack (used)
Bruce Springsteen - The River (used)
Emmylou Harris with Spyboy - Live in Germany 2000 (new DMM cutting)

Glen Hansard.....Who Ray LaMontagne wants to be when he grows up! LOL. Just kiddin'...

I had never heard of Glen Hansard. Thanks for the tip. Do you think Jake had anything to do with the choice to cover "Drive All Night"?

BTW, I was the same with Springsteen. There were plenty of Springsteen songs I liked, but I didn't have much from the boss, except an old CD of Nebraska. That was until I went to see one of his shows a couple of years ago. Turned me into a big fan. I've been around the concert block, a few of times, but I have yet to see a better show than Springsteen. Magical....
Feeling '80's tonight.......

YAZ - Upstairs at Eric's
Romeo Void - Benefactor

Age or Decade? :~)


The Glen Hansard vinyl EP showed up in the mail today. His version of Drive All Night is special. Interestingly the list of musicians is a veritable "who’s who" of Reubent favorites. In addition to Glen Hansard, Jay Bellerose and Patrick Warren, you’ve got some of my favorite musician - Greg Leisz, David Pitch, Jake Clemons and Eddie Vedder. And produced by Joe Henry. Wow, good stuff......

The 12" 45 RPM single of Supertramp’s "Cannonball" arrived from the UK vendor today. Wow! It’s awesome. I’ve got the original US LP and CD and they are both great. However the 12" 45 RPM direct to disk single is even better still.

Thank you very much for the recommendation.


I found a copy of Black Dub and it's on it's way to my house! I hope it arrives before the weekend.....
On tonight's bill:

Black Dub - Thanks for the suggestion astro58go......

Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years 

Carly Simon - Spoiled Girl
rushton, astro58go and All,

I do not want to highjack the thread, so please let me know if I should start a new thread for this question.......

I've seen many mentions of "original pressing" or "1st pressing" in this thread. My question is regarding how to tell if a record is really a first pressing or an original pressing? Is there a standard labeling scheme that identifies the pressing? If not, how do you know?

astro58go and Rushton,

Thanks for the responses. I’m not really a collector and I currently have a modest, but musically good sounding, system. I am not the type to collect multiple copies of an LP and compare them for sound quality. I’m a "buy and forget" guy.

My curiosity was mostly regarding comments I see in this thread, and other threads, regarding LP’s. I often see folks saying an LP they are enjoying is an original pressing, or a first pressing. I was curious to understand how they knew this. Of course, its easy when you buy a record when it is first released. I’m thinking that is almost a guarantee that it is a first pressing. However, years after initial release, it seems like a difficult task to try to determine the pressing.

Thanks for your time in replying. It is much appreciated.


Romeo Void - Benefactor was released in 1982. Everything was issued on vinyl. Very few original releases on CD in 1982. The first CD player was released by Sony in late 1982.
I played my new copy of Shovels and Rope -Little Seeds. I don't love it yet, although I do love the duo and they are one of the best lives shows I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot!).

However! I do have to say the LP is one of the coolest packages I've ever seen. It's a double LP with 3 sides of music. Side 4 is a really cool etching of the bands logo. It's pressed on translucent red vinyl and the logo is visible through the vinyl. It is really cool. Almost worth the price, just for the cool factor....... almost.....
Wallflowers - Bringing Down the Horse - 20th Anniversary 2-LP Set


Shovels and Rope live, especially "up-close and personal" in a small venue, is one of the most engaging shows I've seen. The interaction between Michael and Cary Ann is amazing. Go see them live if you get the opportunity.

BTW, they are playing two nights at The Ryman Auditorium in February. 
Here's my LP lineup from last evening:

Shovels and Rope - Little Seeds (3 -sided Double LP w/ etching)
Black Dub - Self Titled (3-sided Double LP w/etching)
Glen Hansard - Drive All Night (12" 45 RPM EP)
Emmylou Harris with Spyboy - Live in Germany 2000 (new DMM cutting)
Steely Dan - The Royal Scam (original pressing)


Love both of them. Both squarely in my wheelhouse..
Yes - Fragile
Emerson, Lake and Palmer(I still love Lucky Man!)

Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Trilogy
Peter Gabriel - So
Moody Blues - Octave (Original Pressing)

Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels - Live, Sonic Studios, Hampstead, NY 1973 (2015 DOL Pressing)

Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey
Leon Bridges- Coming Home

John Abercrombie - Timeless 

Jackson Browne - Hold Out