Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO

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@michaelwise, very cool and excellent music.  That reminds me to get out my original copy of Return To Forever, 'Romantic Warrior'.  Sounds to me like a good one to play tonight, following 'Avalon'.  

I have a pending order for the soon-to-release reissue of Stanley Clarke, 'School Days'.  My original copy is too noisy so I'm hoping for some superb new vinyl with outstanding mastering, plating, and pressing.
Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, and Al Dimeola.  It doesn't get much better than these guys for that genre of music.

And @tomic601, that's some bad-ass new additions to your collection.  Please do enjoy them in good health.
Got to hang up the system for the night so I can plastic cover everything in the electronics room.  I am having a dedicated 20 amp line pulled into the electronics room tomorrow.  That and a new Audioquest Niagara 3000 ought to help my system sing even better.  Yeah!

Just played...

Motels, "Little Robbers"
Motels, "All Four One"  This particular Motels album is exceptionally well recorded.  Really nice stuff.  Martha Davis has a beautiful voice.

You guys got me thinking about playing The Cars.  I have a pristine copy of The Cars S/T (first album) on Nautilus half-speed mastered.  I'll put it through the cleaning system and cue it up, later today.  

Let the good times roll...
OK, thanks for the good info.  I just made the purchase for a new copy of "To Bring You My Love", PJ Harvey.  Also got a new copy of Neil Young "Harvest".  The reissue series of Neil's first solo albums (all 4) are fabulous.  Can't wait for this one, as well.
+1 on John Mayall, 'Turning Point'  I just got a copy of that in NM/M- condition because the one I had (since high-school) was unplayable.  Awesome music, all without a drummer.  I saw John Mayall twice.  The first time was in Anaheim, CA. and was the very concert tour that  made Turning Point. The Anaheim show was about two months after the Turning Point recording, which was done on the East Coast.  Thought I'd share that story.  By the way, the lead act for that show was Spirit and the opening act was Mark-Almond (John Mark and Johnny Almond were two musicians of the John Mayall band and played on that set as well).  What memories! 
Great article.  I love learning something every day.
Thanks for the info.
I so often get ideas from this thread about what to play next (providing it is in my collection).  So for today I just pulled out Poco "Legend" and Robert Plant "Shakin N Stirred".  My Poco copy is a MFSL that I have owned since it was first released and is in perfect condition.  My Robert Plant copy I bought when it was first released back in 1985 and is also in perfect condition.  I'll clean them today and listen to both.
Thanks for the great suggestions.  Should be a nice listening session.
I have the original 'Can't Buy A Thrill' ABCX-758 and it is good sounding but doesn't qualify as audiophile.  ABC was sold to MCA (or something like that) and rumor has it that the Steely Dan albums were less sounding from that point forward.  I can't say that I have done an A/B test.  My guess is they both sound quite similar.  Nevertheless, good sound quality but not audiophile for this album.  Later releases were done much better.  Particularly so was greater SQ for 'Gaucho' and 'Aja'.   

Yesterday afternoon...
Steely Dan   'Can't Buy A Thrill'
Rickie Lee Jones   'Pirates'
Traffic   'The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys'
You got me thinking...
I just pulled out my copy of 'Brother Where You Bound' for playing tonight.
I've owned it since it first released and is in perfect condition.  Should add to a great evening of high fidelity music.
Thanks guys!
Well, my mistake after all.  The Bob Dylan album is a brand new copy and it was a gift back in early 70s.  However, it is not from the first press as I had thought.  It's a 1975 press, and is from Columbia Records.  It's very quiet vinyl and the recording quality is rather good.  Nice discovery!

Speaking of "Tommy", that makes me want to play it later today.  I have a new copy from Geffen Records.  It's quite good, but not as good as the original master tapes pressings.  However, better than my bashed up copy from the old Magnavox console that had a finishing nail for the stylus.
I saw The Who do the North American Tour of Tommy in the Summer of 1969.  That is the same concert series from which "Live At Leeds" was recorded.  Then, I saw the North American Tour of "Who's Next" in 1971.  Then, I saw the North American Tour of "Quadrophenia" in 1972.
Man, what memories!!!
Slaw, how is the SQ of that Mo-Fi 45 RPM Cheap Thrills album?  Is it worth the cost and record flipping, or is it really no better than the reissue from Simply Vinyl?  The original recording wasn't spectacular but maybe Mo-Fi did a great job on this one.  I need to replace my non-playable, totally thrashed original copy.
Please let me know.  Much appreciated.
@slaw  I have been trying to find Joe Cocker 'With a Little Help From My Friends' for over a year.  All I can find is NM/M- used for $400.  I have searched for a Speakers Corner release and can not find it.  Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. 
Here's one that's very obscure.  
Premiata Forneria Marconi, also known at PFM
The album is 'Photo of Ghosts'

They are from Italy and the album is from 1973.  Original owner.
Kind of dark recording with the drums rather muted and in the background.  But very interesting and fairly good sounding.  Unusual music but easily pulls you in.  Rather enjoyable and satisfying.  From the "deep tracks" of my collection.
I have an early pressing of Gaucho and it is EXCELLENT SQ!

The news about our Capital is so sad and disheartening.  I think that my blood pressure went up a bit today.  I had to play some softer and relaxing music.

Tim Weisberg, "Dreamspeaker"
Grover Washington, Jr.  "Winelight"
Grover Washington, Jr.  "Inside Moves"

All are very good SQ and nice mood music.  
@big_greg  which album are you referring to?
Steve Winwood, that's a good one, especially way back with the Spencer Davis Group.  I saw Traffic perform in the earlier days, 1971.  Wonderful concert. 
I also saw Alice Cooper 3 times.  The reason I bring up Alice is because I am about to put one on the platter now;  'Welcome To My Nightmare'  Original copy, perfect condition!
@noromance  I verified my original copy on Discogs.  They state that the first UK pressings are verified by the inside of the gatefold, right side, showing "Produced by David Gilmour".  Other pressings show "Written by Roger Waters".  My copy shows "Produced by David Gilmour".  That makes me feel I have a special copy.  No wonder it sounds so awesome.  And yes, the gear is "on fire".  Never sounded so good.

Yes indeed, I saw The Tubes 3 times and I have all of their records, still in perfect condition.  In my college days, living in the dorms, we had Tubes Night parties in my room.  Back then I had a Marantz 2270 receiver, a Philips 212 turntable with Audio Technica AT-15SA, a Soundcraftsmen dual 10-band EQ, and a pair of  Altec 12" 3-ways.  Bad-a** system for a 21 year old guy.  The Tubes lit up the room, and we all lit up something else...😁
Thanks so much guys.  PopMarket has it on backorder.  Wall Mart is much more expensive than Amazon for this one.  So, Amazon it is.
This should be a treat, bringing back great memories, and on vinyl.  
@uberwaltz , great story about Alice Cooper.  They really got you on that one.  Oh, I do remember the guillotine, and also dragging around the Cold Ethyl manican on stage, the dentist drill, the rolling-out bed for Only Women Bleed.  Etc... What great shows.  Alice coined the term "Rock Theater" for his shows.  It makes perfect sense!
@boxer12  Congratulations to you.  I wish you well on your new venture.  I truly believe in and enjoy the merits of quality cables.  At some point I may try one of yours and have fun swapping into my system.
Best to you on your product launch in 2021.
@dhite71  and @slaw   Indeed, I fully agree.  I have the AP 45 RPM of In Step and it is very quiet and excellent SQ.  I am about to order the AP 45 RPM of Sky Is Crying and anticipate the same level of quality.  UD1S may be slightly better, but the price difference is far greater than that.
@boxer12   Wishing a speedy recovery for your wife.  Best to the both of you and a very healthy 2021.
Steve, I feel for you.  I went through that with my mother and it is a very difficult part of life.  It is life, though, and much better to lose a parent than the other way around.  Remember all of the wonderful times, they will always be with you.
I'm going to bed now, with a few tears.  Damn!
Take care you guys...

I have so many memories, too.
Music can be a good cure for the soul.  To be continued, tomorrow night.

I forgot, just two nights ago...

Frank Zappa:   'Overnight Sensation' and 'Apostrophe'  (both are first pressings, original owner since they were first released, pristine condition, sounds fantastic!)
@big_greg  Thank you for the information.  I will inspect both discs very closely before playing.  I'm reserving Saturday night for the first play of Cafe' Blue.  Late in the evening, a couple glasses of wine, should be perfect!
You're a good group of guys.  James (tomic601) is only about 1 1/2 hour drive for me and he invited me over to take a listen and have a few sips.  I'll be sure to take him up on that fairly soon.

FYI, I have an original copy of Revolver that is in fairly good condition (VG+), original copy of Yellow Submarine (but the recording is not so good), original Srgt. Peppers (VG), Japanese pressing of Srgt. Peppers (Excellent), original copy of Magical Mystery Tour (VG+), MoFi of Magical Mystery Tour (Excellent), and MoFi White Album (Excellent).  Not bad, but I really want those early years albums, and preferably in Excellent condition.

Be safe and healthy.
I saw Arlo Guthrie in, I think it was 1971.  He was the opening act.  Next up was Linda Ronstadt (before she became uber-famous).  Next up was Dave Mason.  What a great concert!

My wife has to go to bed early tonight.  No music for me.  
To be continued...
I only use a clamp when the LP is significantly less than flat.  That seems to help matters.  Otherwise, I find that no clamp does sound the most "open".  I chose the Record Doctor clamp because it is light and places no real downward force (via mass/weight and gravity) on the bearing system.  Clamp verses heavy weight makes the most sense to me.
I am very interested in trying out a new mat for my platter.  I keep seeing MyMats discussed but I can't seem to find a link to their product website.
Can someone help me on this?

Thank you.
Police:  'Ghost in the Machine' (original owner, first pressing)

Yes:   'The Yes Album'  (Original first pressing from 1973, original owner, pristine condition, sounds fantastic!)
Procol Harum;   A Salty Dog

I keep digging into the "Deep Tracks" of my vinyl collection and coming up with some wonderful music that I have not listened to in some years.  Thanks to this thread I am enjoying plenty of good music that may have still gone by for more years.  Wonderful!
Another one from the "Deep Tracks" of my vinyl collection.

Boz Scaggs;   Boz Scaggs (self titled, his first album, and prior to the very popular Silk Degrees album).

What a wonderful album of music.  It brings back a lot of memories.
I pulled out my Dave Mason 'Alone Together' album a few weeks ago.  It's an awesome album!  True story... When I first bought that album was shortly after seeing Dave Mason in concert.  I bought two copies because it was wonderful music and it was about the first of its kind to be made of a marbled vinyl.  I figured that with the first one I would wear it down on my parents Magnavox console (this is all when I was in high school) and would have a perfect copy for some later date in life.  Well, I have a perfect copy of an original, first press, of Alone together.  It sounds quite good, even better than I had expected.  And the jacket is also in perfect condition.  And that's my story!
After reading yesterday about Alan Parsons, 'Tales of Mystery' I pulled out my copy (original, in perfect condition) and played it.  What a great album, it really pulls you in.  So, tonight I will play my superior grade copy of 'I Robot'.  I have an original copy that is in perfect condition, but way back in the day I was completely amazed with the album so I bought the Mobile Fidelity UHQR when it first released.  What packaging they did with the UHQR limited editions.  Of course, I have all of the original paperwork that came with it.  My copy is #664 in the pressing count.  Even back then (April, 1983) I paid $50 and if you can find a mint copy today they are about $400.  Nevertheless, my copy has been played about 15 to 20 times so it is rather perfect.  Tonight should be fun!
tomic60, the Zappa album 'Apostrophe' sounds quite good, but just a little over EQd on the top end.  The album prior to that one, titled 'Overnight Sensation' is probably the best SQ record from all of the Zappa collection.
'Joe's Garage' is another great Zappa album but also suffers from being a little too hot on the top end.  Still, even being a little hot, both 'Apostrophe'  and 'Joe's Garage' are very good SQ, the vinyl quality is also very good, and the music is fantastic!  I recently listened to all three of those from my collection, all original vinyl from when they were new releases.  Well maintained all these years, of course.  Zappa was a wonderful human being and suffered death at far too young of age.  I am so glad that I was able to see two of his concerts, 1971 and 1974. 

I first listened to a few albums as a warmup, for my tubes as well as for me.  Now that my system was in best-sound operation (and I had a hit along with some wine) I too was in best-sound reception mode.
The vinyl of that Alan Parsons  Mo/Fi UHQR is superbly quiet and the mastering, plating, and pressing is fabulous.  Pulled deeply into the music, as Alan Parsons albums do so well, I found myself totally immersed in a bath of music, floating in front of me and spanning a very wide soundstage.  They did a phenomenal job on that reissue and it remains as one of my very best SQ records of my collection.  And a very appropriate way to end the night, before heading off to bed.  Very "floaty".
And thank you for asking.  I appreciate that.
I also have a 1973 Track copy of Quadrophenia (by the way, I saw the North American tour of Quadrophenia at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, CA. in 1974).  It's in VG++ condition and sounds good.  However, last year I secured a "new" copy of Quadrophenia on Classic Records 200 gr QUIEX SV-P vinyl.  It was expensive, but damn, that is the best SQ of Quadrophenia I have ever heard.  If you can find a Classic Records copy I highly recommend grabbing it.  
Loggins & Messina / 'Full Sail'

I have a "Super Disc" copy done by Direct-Disc Labs who, when in business, were located in Nashville.  Though they did make actual direct-to-disc recordings those were rather few.  They did, however, get licensed to make some excellent half-speed cuts, and did a fine job of not ruining the mastering.  They always used original master tapes.  Plating and pressing are quite good and they used very good grade vinyl.  If you find any records on this label, buy it.  I have a few others (buried somewhere) and when I last listened to them the SQ is quite good.
I have an original copy of Hot Tuna but mine shows RCA Records from 1971.  I'm not sure if there was an album released prior to the one I have.  So I have a question.  Is the one you have a gatefold jacket that is blue & yellow swirled lines with a large section on the front in a black & white squigle of an X, a starbust, and a bunch of small hearts?  Opening the gatefold and the inside of the jacket is a full picture of the band, on stage, in a rather blurry red iridescent overtone of color.  Is that the one?
I bought this album after seeing them in 1971 (I was 17 at the time) and have played it only a few times.  It's in perfect condition.  Just curious.
uberwaltz, thanks for that information.  I'll clean up my copy of the one I have, today, and listen to it.  

Here's a short story about Hot Tuna.  I had tickets to a Jefferson Airplane and Moody Blues concert at the Forum.  I can't remember the reason, but I could not go and forfeited my tickets to a friend.  Due to some issue, the Moody Blues could not arrive to Los Angeles Airport that day and the concert went on without them.  Because of that, the promoter convinced both bands to provide a "free concert" at Alysian Park, outside of Dodger's Stadium, two days later.  I made it to that concert and arrived early, securing a sitting position about 30 feet from the stage setup, and dead center.  Jefferson Airplane and the Moody Blues put on fantastic shows, very memorable to this day.  The added bonus was assembling Hot Tuna as the opening act.  And this act included Papa John Creech.  It was after that concert I bought my copy of the Hot Tuna album, described above.
And that is my short story...
I also have Joni Mitchel 'Court & Spark'  on Nautilus.  I listened to it just a few weeks ago.  Sounds great!  I have always loved that album since it first released and still have my original copy, too.  I have her album 'Blue' on order.  I understand that remastered version is superbly done.  Looking forward to receiving it.  Joni is excellent!
Hey, thanks for the heads-up earlier in this thread about the Buffalo Springfield box set.  I just now bought one of the remaining copies.  I'm looking very forward to receiving it.  Awesome music!

Bryan Ferry; 'Boys and Girls'  What a great album, last night.  That makes me want to que up Roxy Music, 'Avalon'.  Probably tonight.
Thanks uberwaltz.  I'll wait for his reply and information.

Slaw, you can PM me, I welcome the communication.
Spirit, S/T  Ode Records, original copy.

This is the very first album from Spirit.  I saw them perform 3 times, back in the day.  Fantastic concerts!  I'll probably break out their famous release, '12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus' later today.  I have an original copy and a reissue from Music On Vinyl.
Super Session; Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, and Steve Stills made one hell of a serious album in that "session".  I have an original copy and also bought a reissue from Speakers Corner.

Regarding Led Zeppelin, I have most of their albums on vinyl, all original.  I recently bought Houses of the Holy, remastered, trusting that Jimmy Page involvement would bring quality to market.  What a disappointment!  It sounded so digital and strained.  I returned it for a refund.  I put my original copy through two more rounds of Nitty Gritty vacuum cleaning and that seemed to help reduce more of the noise I was trying to get past by purchasing the reissue.  The original sounds so much more pleasing than the reissue, even still with some vinyl noise.  I really need to get a US cleaning machine and upgrade my entire cleaning process.

By the way, I am glad to take some suggestions and advice on that subject.  I am looking at purchasing the Kirmus US machine.  That system includes (but I don't think absolutely requires) that you clean your vinyl using their chemical system that removes all mold release compounds and other cleaning liquids you may have used.  If I were to use that cleaning chemical first, in the Kirmus US machine, do you guys suggest to then use a final rinse with distilled water and vacuum dry with the Nitty Gritty?  Etc... I welcome advice on a better regimen than the Nitty Gritty vacuum system I have.  I strongly believe I need to advance to a US machine but I also believe there is probably a total regimen that will do wonders.  Please let me know your thoughts.
In advance, thank you for your help.
Slaw, I'm not certain how to go about a DIY.  That does mean Do It Yourself, correct?  I figured that a Kirmus US process, followed with a distilled rinse and vacuum dry or air dry, would be a good regimen.  However, that's just my own thoughts and welcome further advice and/or direction. 

Enlighten me!
Thanks man.

@unreceivedogma, I am 66 years of age.  And proud to say that most people take me for my mid-50s.  Good genes and some luck, I guess.
Maybe it's all the hiking, skiing, and fishing that I do.  Or, maybe most of them have a vision problem.  Haha... Enough of the jokes.  I went to many, many concerts during the 70s, I saw them all, including Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix.  Wonderful memories and I have collected the vinyl all along the way.  I play CD in the car, but vinyl has always been my passion for home audio high-fidelity.  I got my first real hi-fi system in 1973.  Let us know your feelings about the Led Zeppelin reissues.  
Queen, 'A Night At The Opera'   Original copy, perfect condition.  I forgot how many great songs are on that album.  SQ is wonderful!

The Police, 'Zenyatta Mondatta'   Original copy, perfect condition. It could use a little more bass-slam but the detailed musical information is wonderful.
Grover Washington Jr., "Winelight"

Wonderful saxophone and a marvelous way to end the day.