Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO

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I admire and enjoy your wide interests in music.  It’s seems like a regular thing when I get a smile or a chuckle from the clerk at the record store checkout counter (if they’re not simply scratching their heads in confusion...) over the contrasts and diversity in my purchases.  Maybe you get that from some folks too.  

This weekend I filled my carrier with treasures from Spin Records in Carlsbad.  

Starting into them tonight with Neil Young - “Hitchhiker”

Man oh man he sounds good (young...). Album has been opened and was labeled used but I don’t think it had ever been played.  Sounds like he’s in my living room. 
Tommy Bolin - “Teaser” 

Oh Yeah 
Jenny Lewis - "Acid Tongue"  

The depths of the God-sick blues...

Camel - “I can see your house from here”

Volto - “Incitare”

Harmony Rockets - “Lachesis - Clotho - Atropos”

Jonny Greenwood - “There will be blood” soundtrack

Khruangbin - “Con todo el mundo”

Mono - “No Where Now Here”

And now I’ll probably fall asleep to a new 180g German pressing of

Keith Jarrett
Charlie Haden - “Last Dance”

Sorry Slaw, I’ll keep you company. I love that Chet Atkins-Mark Knopfler record.   I just have it on CD though.  Didn’t even know it was issued on vinyl.   

This afternoon I listened to the Mendelssohn - “Scottish Symphony”

Williams - “The Lark Ascending” (Tasmin Little on the Violin)

Duke Ellington - “Blues in Orbit”

and then went and saw Greenbook.  Nice little sentimental movie.  
@tomic601 I certainly agree! And Storm is quite a presence here in Portlandia.  Going to see her perform with our symphony in a few weeks.  
@slaw I really don’t understand what that means.  
2. Hilary Hahn - J.S. Bach Violin Concertos, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. 
Hey, I’m new at this,   Is it ok to post photos here in the forums?
  1. Maynard Ferguson - “M.F. Horn Two”

Anyway, ever hear the live album, it’s nicknamed Purple Sabbath, with Ian Gillian fronting Tony, Geezer, and Bill?   I kind of like it.  
Made in Japan was among the first 5 albums I ever bought.  Very first was Montrose, second was Machine Head.   That era Deep Purple was sooo good.  
yoyo ma chris thile, Edgar Meyer - Bach trios

punch Brothers - antifogmatic

Beethoven - Pastarole

Beethoven - Spring
Charnett Moffett - Music from Our Souls
Pat Metheny - “First Circle”
Weather Report - “Heavy Weather”
Van Morrison - “Poetic Champions Compose”

Duke Ellington - “Newport”
Stokowski- “Rhapsodies”

very audiophile ...
Eric Clapton - “Time Pieces”

Elias Quartet - Schumann’s String Quartet No. 2 (quite wonderful)

Pink Martini - “Hey Eugene” (quite silly)

Kokoroko - EP (fantastic)

Luther Russell - “Medium Cool” (not sure - probably never play it again)

Maynard Ferguson- “Live from San Francisco”
@tomic601 Hey thanks!  Will do.  

Re: Aqualung, maybe the CD...
Pat Metheny - “First Circle”
Mipso - “Dark Holler Pop”
Bon Iver - “22, A Million” 
Leading up to now was:

Dire Straits - The euphonious, euphoriant, eponymous first (OP)

Dave Mason - “It’s Like You Never Left” (OP) after what, 47 years, the grooves of Baby Please are kinda worn down some...

Dylan - “Biograph” (sides 1,2,3,7&10).  Dog left the room when I put this on, funny...
CRACK THE SKY - “From the greenhouse” (amazingly good production values)
It is a gift. 

Valerie June - “Pushin’ Against A Stone”
@slaw I know, isn’t she great.  Just streamed that one so far.  I should get the record?  Is there a better product than what’s on amazon? 

Can I ask you guys, was shopping for Pet Sounds and realized it was probably Mono, right?.  Do I want that or do I want the stereo version.  I don’t know what I want.  My gear doesn’t have a mono setting.  I remember mono settings on those old Matantz receivers (I think). Never bought a monaural record but I think my Father probably did...   

@tomic601 was just on my way to see you in Seattle....

Thanks for the great info.  Been enjoying the posts here from you and the other guys. Many familiar records mentioned and many I’m led to re-savor or try for the first time.  

Now spinning Rush - “Moving Pictures: Live 2011” 180-gm vinyl.  Sounds kinda thick but still alive - consistent with their actual live sound from then.  Sweet fellows. Great players of weird music that I love.   Unlike some othe the other old bands dragging it out Rush could always rock.    
Al Di Meola - “Land of the Midnight Sun”

The Musicianship!


Packing my Salmon Rods and my Campfire Audio IEMs.   
Tull - “Aqualung” (Steve Wilson mix) 
Traffic - “When the Eagle Flies“

Their last album, 1974 I think, without Dave Mason.  Keyboards are copious and cool.  Wind wood is such a catchy singer.   Sound is rich but sort of gloomy.  I mean, this is why records are so great.  Cd’s just don’t sound like this.  
Chick Corea & Gary Burton - “Crystal Silence”

Like Magic
@reubent All by yourself...?

I loved the raspberries.  In 8th grade got to dance with Jennifer Tebo to a raspberries song.  
Focus - “Hamburger Concherto”

Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre - “On the Road to Freedom”

honesty, didn’t recognize the name but I’ve got a bunch of those baby’s in my big bag that I used on the boat.  Life changed and so I sold the sled.  Now I’m content in protected bays or freshwater.  Still have a load of gear.  Would be good to put it to better use this year.    
So so glad to see another Camel fan.  
Jan Garbarek - “Dis”   w Ralph Towner
Jenny Lewis - "Rabbit Fur Coat"
Balmorhea-“Clear Language”
DiMeola, McLaughlin, DeLucia - Friday Night in San Francisco
Harmony Rockets w Peter Walker - “ Lachesis • Clotho • Atropos “

Weyes Blood - “Titanic Rising”

The tallest man on earth- “”Shallow Grave”
Gary Peacock- “Tales of Another”

Camel - “Rain Dances” sounds beautiful and wet through the 834P...
Richard Beirach - “ELM”

Jack DeJohnette!