Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO

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@ big_greg

I can Crank the JVC-QL-A7 to over 100db with no resonance or feedback issues ,at all.
I am impressed. I have owned it for about 6 months
Here is a decent website that has some rare and hard to find Vinyl.
As if this thread needed another way for us to spend our hard earned money .
New Arrivals 

I was away until today.
I have only ordered 2 from the Audiophile USA site, and have not had any problems. All have been in top condition.
Thanks to others that chimed in.
Tommy Guerrero - Sunshine Radio
Tommy Guerrero- Road To Knowhere
Tommy Guerrero- Perpetual 

"Psyco On Da' Bus" --Dr L and Tony Allen... (RIP Tony Allen)
Amazing Dynamics ,Bass and details.
I can crank it up pretty loud.
If your turntable will let you turn it up loud without any nasties .. It is Freakin Amazing ..It is a Journey and or an Adventure  Track #2 
"Never Satisfied" is my Favorite track
The Bass notes near the beginning of 2 out of the 3  "Time To Take A Rest Part 1 " ,  "Time To Take A Rest Part 2" and  "Time To Take A Rest Part  3 is so low and pronounced it Sounds like a "Great Sub" out of my Tekton Double Speakers playing without a SUB.
This Recording IMO is one of the best recorded Albums that I have Ever came across.
I use A McIntosh Mx151 Pre/with Lyngdorg Roomperfect Room Correction. . The MX151 has  an excellent Phono Stage. Turntable is the Victor QL-A7 ..made in japan (100 Volt).
Cartridge is the JVC Z1-S (MD-1025) cartridge with a needle from Jico .
It is the  SAS for the JVC Z1-*S with a Boron cantilever..
I also have the Stanton 681 EEE MKIII, the ADC MK. ADC XLM MKII Improved , and IMO the JVc Z1-S with the SAS from JICO is just as good as either of those . I should not say this , as I would not want to "Gamestop" the price of JVC-Z1-S
I am also using the standard analog cables that came with the Victor
QL-A7 but have connected a pair of Von Gaylord Chinchilla interconnects (1.5 or 2 meters in length) to the end of the analog cables on the QL-A7

extending their length. Also using a Belles  150A  Reference V2 Stereo Amp.

Sorry to be long winded , but I felt that I Need to Let you know the setup.

It is playing a BIG ROLE in this Albums Excellent sound

Since I know own the QL--A7 , I will say that IMO, it is one of the best vintage tables out there , for the money, and it plays Very Well with my setup

The SAS ( Super Analogue Stylus )

Designed to mimic as close as possible a record cutting head/cutting lathe for highest fidelity & lifespan usually fitted to a precision boron , sapphire , ruby or zirconium ultra light & rigid cantilever

SAS -Natural single-crystal, nude-mounted octahedral diamond stylus tip , The stylus tip is of optimum height and a uniformly ultra-precision finish. The Super Analogue Stylus has a curvature with a smaller radius that was impossible with the Micro Ridge Stylus. As thin as a razor blade and machined with ultra precision, the stylus tip ensures unsurpassed fidelity. Polished finish that virtually preserves your record's grooves.World-class polishing technique is used on each stylus. This is designed to preserve the details of the record groove structure for a very long time — virtually for the life of the vinyl.

@spiritofradioThasnks for checking it out.
When I said that is is one of the best Recordings that I have heard.
I did not mean The most intimate ,close miked 3d sound , like most people would look for  or like to hear, what I meant was that it was well Engineered to sound damn good, If you Turn IT up  kinda Loud.
The  album begs you to Crank it up a bit .
The way it was recorded, you can hear a lot of detailed, spatial  sound and little percussion type instruments and very unique sounds coming from different spaces and still has Killer Deep bass and it is never overwhelming. You just feel like it wraps around you .and you are in the sound mix .
If nothing else , It is Totally Unique and Interesting. It will put a smile on OH and BTW my Vinyl copy was a little noisy in a couple spots ,so I bought the last Mint copy on Discogs. for $80 a month or 2 ago ,but keep your eyes open.. 
  I think that it is much better on Vinyl than Cd ... i own both

I have not ,but will check them out.
Thanks for the recommendation.
I want to give you all another Album that IMO is Damn good.
It is a compilation of Players, or Groups from the RED HOT 2018 Jazz scene, in London, with groups like..... Kokoroko, Ezra Collective, Shebaka Hastings. Nubya Garcia, Moses Boyd , Joe Armon Jones
It is called "We Out Here"

I think it is an Excellent Album "We Out Here" that 95% or more of us , have no idea about. I accidentally found it on Bandcamp. looking at something else..
I was listening to my JRiver media center last night and came across a Bunch of Albums from Ben Harper. "The Will To Live" stood out for me , so i decided to look for it on Vinyl.  haaaaaa. I love that record from him.
Don't even try , unless you are willing to pay over $100 for a NM copy.
Most are way over that.
Same thing  happened to me when I heard  another Excellent Album while listening to Pandora .It was Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood  from MSG  I was going to try to find it on Vinyl .HUH.
You see, I have only been back into this Vinyl for maybe 2 years or less.
But stuff like that is disappointing 

Boz Scaggs-  Dig
brand new sealed(Until now) Vinyl 2016 RE 180G
 Probably not well known but definitely one of my favourites by him.
 Just a nice warm tone
Miles Davis- "Bags Groove "
Brownswood Recordings- "We Out Here"....Just OUTSDTANDING in all respects, Side "C" is my Favorite, but they are ALL..... Damn Good.
this might be a good place to ask. ,But, I do not want to hijack the thread.
maybe just some quick mentions or replies. 
What would you guys consider a decent phono stage 500-2k price .
I just got the Moon 110Lp V2 and have coming the Project Phono box DS2  . 
I have some great Vintage Mullards and a Pair of smooth plate Telefunkens that i paid like 400 for the Mullards and 285 for the Tele . I would have to look closer to the specific dates of MFg and details.
I run MM carts so gain should not be an issue. I have a Victor QLA-7 100v from Japan, that I use. I am using The JVC -Z-1S cartridge with Jico SAS Stylus. with Boron Cantiliver.
I also have a NOS Stanton 681EEE mkIII and an NOS ADC XLM Mkii and a Shure 95HE with brand new original HE stylus. ($165 for stylus) 
I have found that the JVC Z-1S sounds as good as the others , at least with the McIntosh MX150 Phono stage. That’s what i had been using. until now,..so I have not yet tried any of the other Carts on the Moon 110 LP V2, since I just got it yesterday. Anyone tried the Project Phono Box DS2 ?
It is coming next week . It is the one that uses two 12AX7s ?
Thanks for the replies
Thank you Guys, (big_greg,spiritofradio, slaw and tomic601) for the responses.
One more question and I’ll shut up.
Has anyone heard or does anyone own a
Vertere - MC | MM Preamplifier PHONO-1 MkII ?
I am hearing good thigs about it.
Thanks again.
Last week i think it was. i mentioned Boz Scaggs "Dig" Album 
Well I had just got it .I paid $20 plus shipping for the RE Double LP 180G vinyl. I thought that was a pretty good deal amd it is probably my favorite Boz Scaggs Album". Memphis" would be my next fav..
Anyway to get to my point. The album had issues it was king of dirty and had several smears on it., Side "D" started skipping in a loop right after the first. there is only two songs on that side . I notified the guy that I purchased from on Discogs and he refunded my money and told me to  keep it..
So iI proceeded to find another seller . They was actually 2 people that had at least brand new one Re Sealed for $20. well i chose the seller and put it in my cart. But i  accidentally, put in Qty of 2 . I think I clicked on purchase ,but i had to wait for the seller to get back with total including shipping., which he did the next day . .when he sent me the total is when i realized what I had done  So . I emailed the seller and asked if he could remove the 2nd one that I had made a mistake.... No response , for like 3 days . Then I sent him another message and ask him to please not wait until the allotted time for me to make the payment, and then leave me negative feedback for non- payment.
He said that he could not alter my cart, but that they were no longer available anyway.. ...so he canceled the order.
 So they both sold as well as the one other guy had for $20 ..New sealed RE.
So I looked around and the next cheapest new on was 23.98 and there is one for 24.95 after that  they are all $30 and above .
I am just wondering if someone or some 3 read the thread and my post and decided to buy it.
I thought it kind of interesting. i do think they are a lot of people who look at or read the thread for Album suggestions.
there may be a lot more than we realize, because I think there are  many  people who are Mute and do not post.
Eric Burdon & War ‎– Eric Burdon Declares "War" 1970
Black Pumas- Black Pumas -2019
Last night was
Ginger Baker & Friends- Elevated Sides Of Baker 1977
Eric Clapton -461 Ocean Blvd 1974
Alvin Lee & Mylon Lefevre - On The Road To Freedom-1973

Enjoy that Hagerman . I would love to be able to afford that. The Positive Feedback review of the Trumpet Reference, makes me lust for one. One day in about ten years (retirement if i last that long), I can own something like that. Congratulations.

To everyone , between the Moon 110Lp and the Project Tube Box Ds2, I like the Project better and that is with stock tubes , whatever they are . Getting ready to do some Tube Rollin’...Soon.
I have a Perfect micro mirror matched pair of 12AX7 Telefunkens 1960s west Germany to try.
AND in the other direction, I have a Perfect micro mirror matched pair of 12AX7 Mullard original 1950s D getter Old Shield logos very low micronics. Surely they will be better than stock tubes.
Both of these came from Andy @ Vintage Tube Services
here is another that peaks my interest.


re Boz - Dig, it’s not me, i have it, played a few times, pressing quality terrible, hope you have better luck
Sorry to hear that.
This is the one I have

More images

Boz Scaggs – Dig Label:Gray Cat Records – GCV 4003 Format:2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 Country:USReleased: 2016.
i think this version sounds great.
It is very warm with some fat bass at times.
It is my favorite Boz Album. I just love his vocals on it too.,but it doesn’t have pops and cracks like some new albums have ,and nit is pretty quiet too.
The only problem some might have IMO is with some low freq rumble or noise if your table isn’t well isolated, cause their is some thick heavy bass.
I* saw an interview with Boz a couple of years ago. somebody from LA was interviewing him ,but I cannot remember who.. He said he thought it was maybe their best album in his opinion. But he said it was doomed..
In the summer of 1998 Boz went on tour as the opening act for Stevie Nicks. After another hiatus from recording, his next album, Dig, got good reviews, although the CD was released on an unfortunate date – September 11, 2001
a couple of reviews below:
Add Review2112adrian Jan 4, 2021

Wonderful pressing, very dynamic with very deep but controlled bass. Cleaning was needed, as per other comments, looks like pressing release agent , nothing serious. Once cleaned,very low noise pressing , but otherwise but with confidence and enjoy!

Reply Notify Me 1 Helpfulfunkynial Jan 19, 2019Edited 2 years ago

Sounds amazing! Clean flat pressing. Dynamic with a nice sound stage. It has a full, warm, rich and expansive sound. when it arrived it needed to be wet cleaned. After cleaning it sounds great.

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I have played tonight
Psyco On Da’ Bus- It is mainly Tony Allen/Dr L . I can crank the Hell out of this album . It is awesome played loud.
Its like they are in the room playing for me.
Also played 2 more of my favs
Miles Davis- A tribute to Jack Johnson
Herbie Hancock- Deathwish
Kruangbin- Mordechi
Kruangbin-Hasta El Cielo
Shamek Farrah- First Impressions
I really like the "Women and Children First " album. It is a little more towards the hard end, IMO. than their others. The others were probably more about making some thing Popular that would sell.
That is the only Boz Scaggs that I have on Vinyl.
I also like the Memphis Album. I am not real sure about the Jazz Standard ones. His early stuff was to Pop for me.
I watched a Youtube Video that I will highly recommend, especially if you like good ol’ straight up modern blues guitar (although very tastefully done by not overdoing it) with great tone , and Oh My the singer ,can really do the Blues WELL. Its like he was born for it.
The Teskey Brothers "Live At Gum Gully".
Now I can get into this kind of Blues ..playing and singing...OHH YEA!!
Awesome. And another thing, I’ll bet you cannot guess where they are from without looking it up. I was surprised at that also.
Speaking of Santana , I think them playing the " The Us Festival 1982: The US Generation Documentary (2017) " launched them to stardom.
Another very interesting watch ,if you have never seen it.

Until The End Of The World -- (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Singles -  (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Thomas Newman: American Beauty (Soundtrack)
Jimi Hendrix- South Saturn Delta  (One of my favorite Hendrix Records)
Rory Gallagher- The Best Of
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-- "(I’ll Love You) Till the End of the World"
It is on side C second song.U2 does "Until The End Of The World" D4
I like it (soundtrack) because there is a lot of different Artist and songs and it sounds damn good. It is 2019 RE Limited Edition Yellow Double LP.

Various ‎– Until The End Of The World (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)Label:Run Out Groove ‎– ROGV-025, Warner Records ‎– ROGV-025Format:2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Yellow
Country:USReleased:06 Dec 2019 ]
A1–Graeme Reve--Opening Titles
Cello [Solo Cello] – David Darling Producer, Written-By – Graeme Revell
A2–Talking Heads--Sax And Violins
Engineer – Richard Mainwaring*Keyboards – Wally Badarou Lyrics By – David Byrne Mixed By – Kevin Killen Music By – Chris Frantz, David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth Percussion, Cowbell – Brice Wassy Producer – Steve Lillywhite, Talking Heads Timbales – Nino Gioia
A3–Julee Cruise--Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
Bass – Don Falzone Drums – Steve Hodges Engineer, Mixed By – Mick Guzauski Guitar [Guitar And Lap Steel Guitar] – Greg Leisz Guitar [Lead] – Dave Alvin Keyboards [Additional] – Angelo Badalamenti, Eric Drew Feldman Producer – Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch-Written-By – B. Weissman*, F. Wise*, J. Lloyd*
A4–Neneh Cherry--Move With Me (Dub)
Engineer, Mixed By – Jonny Dollar Producer, Keyboards, Programmed By, Vocals – Booga Bear, Jonny Dollar Written-By – Cameron McVey, Neneh Cherry
A5–Crime & The City Solution--The Adversary
Engineer, Mixed By – Ingo Krauss Producer – Crime & The City Solution Written-By – Hacke*, Adams*, Haas*, Harvey*, Bonney*, Stern*
B1–Lou Reed--What’s Good
Backing Vocals – Lou Reed, Michael Blair, Roger Moutenot Bass – Rob Wasserman Drums – Michael Blair Engineer – Roger Moutenot Guitar – Mike Rathke Mixed By – Lou Reed, Mike Rathke, Roger Moutenot Producer – Lou Reed, Mike Rathke Written-By – Lou Reed
B2–CanLast- Night Sleep
Engineer – Rene Tinner*Mixed By – David M. Allen Producer – CanWritten-By – I. Schmidt*, J. Liebezeit*, M. Mooney*, M. Karoli*
Backing Vocals – Kate Pierson Engineer, Mixed By – Scott Litt-Producer – R.E.M., Scott Litt-Written-By – W. Berry*, M. Stipe*, M. Mills*, P. Buck*
B4–Elvis Costello--Days
Engineer, Mixed By – Kevin Killen Producer – Elvis Costello, Kevin Killen Written-By – Raymond Douglas Davies*
C1–Graeme Revell--Claire’s Theme
Cello [Solo Cello] – David Darling Producer, Written-By – Graeme Revell
C2–Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds--(I’ll Love You) Till The End Of The World
Engineer, Mixed By – Andre Giere*, Victor Van Vugt Producer – Gareth Jones, The Bad Seeds*Written-By – Nick Cave
C3–Patti Smith And Fred Smith --It Takes Time
Bass – Kasim Sulton Engineer – Guy Sheridan Gray* Percussion, Performer [Dumbex] – Hearn Gadbois Producer – Fred Smith Written-By – Fred Smith, Patti Smith
C4–Depeche Mode---Death’s Door
Engineer – Steve Lyon---Producer – Depeche Mode---Written-By – Martin L. Gore
C5–Graeme Revel---Love Theme
Cello [Solo Cello] – David Darling--Producer, Written-By – Graeme Revell
D1–Jane Siberry With k.d. lang---Calling All Angels
Engineer, Mixed By – Michael Phillip-Wojewoda* Guitar – Ken Myhr--Piano – Teddy Borowiecki--Producer, Written-By – Jane Siberry Viola – Ben Mink Vocals [Additional] – k.d. lang
D2–T-Bone Burnett--Humans From Earth
Engineer – Joe Schiff, Pat McCarthy Producer, Written-By – T-Bone Burnett
D3–Daniel Lanois Sleeping In The Devil’s Bed
Bass – Daryl Johnson Drums – Ronald Jones Engineer – Mark Howard Keyboards – Malcolm Bur* Mixed By – Daniel Lanois, Mark Howard -Producer, Written-By – Daniel Lanois
D4–U2---Until The End Of The World
Engineer – Flood Producer – Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois Written-By – U2
D5–Graeme Revell--Finale
Cello [Solo Cello] – David Darling---Producer, Written-By – Graeme Revell

I am actually playing it again this morning. I Like It.
everything has so much more weight & realism. The instruments have weight, as do the vocals. Lots of punch in the mids and mid-bass areas. Sharp defined punch. I was interested in how much more ‘holographic’ it may sound with the tubes, but that didn’t necessarily improve.

It will only get Even Better with Time. I'll bet that after 100+ hours you will be even happier.
Started out at about 2pm EDT.

Ben Harper- Welcome To The Cruel World --2 × Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, Reissue, 25th Anniversary Edition 2019

Miles Davis & His Musicians-- Directions In Music 1969-1972--
BGP Records
‎– BGP2 313Format:  2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: UK 
Released:26 Mar 2021

Tommy Guerrero ‎– From The Soil To The Soul    Label: Be With Records ‎– BEWITH065LP   Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 180g
 Country -UK
Released:05 Jul 2019

Cymande ‎– Cymande  Label: Janus Records ‎– JLS 3044  Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, 180 Gram, Gatefold
Country: Released:2008

Judas Priest ‎– Rocka Rolla      Label: Koch Records ‎– KOC-LP-4581  Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, 180 Gram
Country: US  Released:2008

Cotton Jones - Paranoid Cocoon. CD (I Love this)
I wish I could find this on Vinyl for less than 100 bucks .
Everybody wants 150-200 bucks for Vinyl version 😢

Not sue how I got to Italicized either

Thanks for the heads up on Cotton Jones.
I am still not sure I want to spend that much either .Surely they will re-issue at some point ?????
If your JVC is anything like my Japan model JVC QLA-7 (100 V) ..KEEP IT !!!
I am using a NOS JVC

You know another thing I noticed about that JVC Z1S (MD-1025) cartridge is the frequency response.
It’s 10 Hertz to 25khz Very few cartridges go as low as 10 Hertz.😃
@ big_greg
Huh, Did you say something ?
It is capable but I do not play it that loud , Maybe peaks at 100db on occasion
Some maty find this helpful 2021 rereleases
Record store day releases 2021

sorry that should gave said Releases not Rereleases
Fixed below
Some maty find this helpful 2021 Releases
Record store day releases 2021

Pink Floyd...."Meddle"
That’s some GOOD SHTUFF right there.... especially GOOD if you are "trippin’’ !😁
Tarantino Experience / Various--------------------------------
[Limited Gatefold 180-Gram Red & Yellow Colored Vinyl] (Limited Edition)
2019 B07WFJBB9W - Music Brokers Argentina

Since my original mention of Cotton Jones was here , but you replied on the ’What are you streaming tonight thread’. I’ll add my response to that HERE also AND Cotton Jones has a couple of other Albums too
"Tall Hours In The Glowstream" 2010 and "The River Strumming" 2008
Yikes https://www.discogs.com/Cotton-Jones-Basket-Ride-The-River-Strumming/release/4872278

"Rio Ranger" 2009 "The Archer"2008 :
These last 2 were only on CD Book Except Rio Ranger Re-issued 2014
Digital only
@grey9hound thanks for the referral, good tunes. Cotton Jones - Paranoid Cocoon ( Tidal is jacked up about 2 db over Qbuzz, but Q sounds better.
..Another one to try out that most people probably have not heard of is Dope Lemon
Albums are "Honey Bones’ and "Big Smooth Cat"
Enjoy 😃
B.B. King  'Deuces Wild' A 2 LP collection of B.B. playing with a variety of top musicians. Really good album!
Fantastic Album 👍
This may be right up some of you guys’ alley
I do like that Forced Exposure allows you to ply small clips of each song on the Album, in most cases.

TITLE= "Upside Down Volume One 1966-1970: Coloured Dreams from the Underworld"
RELEASE DATE=2/10/2017