Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO

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Hey Slaw....been absent pondering my next TT purchase 😉
John Mayall - USA Union. Polydor 1970
Stiff Live - a live recording of some Stiff artists at the time; Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric, Larry Wallis, Elvis Costello, and Ian Dury. Stiff 1978
Sir John Barbirolli conducts Purcell - Dido & Aeneas. English Chamber Orchestra. Angel, reissue from the 80’s.
Question guys, I’m just going to ask here instead of the ‘acoustics’ section.

I have quite a few mono recordings, but no dedicated mono table/cart.....yet. And my very humble little Schiit Mani has no mono switch. So, out of curiosity, I said, ‘self, wonder if anyone makes a stand-alone stereo/mono switch box’?
Found a few folks who have made them, and then stumbled across one made by KAB Electro Acoustics that has a ‘remote’ (cabled) switch to go from stereo to mono with a button press. Hooks up between the phono pre and pre. At least I think that would be the best way. But, they want $229 when many folks have built them for much less (I’m not going to make my own). I did find some cheaper, but without switches, so you have to take them in and out of the chain physically. Pain in the rear. I’m surprised there are so few of these ‘out there’ actually.

Yes, I know, one more piece of equipment in the chain, never good. But I have to wonder how much better my mono recordings would sound with my stereo cart through one of these ‘things’?

Anyone ever had any experience these devices? Alternative suggestions? Right now, a separate mono table isn’t happening anytime soon because of other issues.
Ormandy conducts Wagner - Parsifal. The Philadelphia Orchestra. Columbia Masterworks 1956 mono
Here you go. I’ve used them and they are well made.

Oh heck yes, perfect. Thanks.
Mravinsky conducts Tchaikovsky. 3 LP set, symphonies 4,5,&6. Leningrad Philharmonic. Deutsche Grammophon, Italian pressing 1974

@bkeske Bartok String Quartets are great.  And, something about string quartets and analogue...

Yep James, I have some others, but this set/version by the Tokyo Quartet is really well recorded and performed. Per the sale history on Discogs, I got this from eBay for a pretty good deal. The LP's are practically unplayed as an old radio station copy.

Recommended set. 
Must have been channeling @spiritofradio Have been listening to Saint-Saens as well.

Saint-Saens Symphony #1&2. Jean Martinon conducting Orchestre National de la RTF. Angel, 1973

Saint-Saens Symphony #3. Roberto Benzi conducts The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra. VOX, date unknown, but thinking early/mid 60’s.
Bela Bartok - Die 6 Streichquartette (The String Quartets). Tokyo String Quartet. 3LP box set. Deutsche Grammophon 1981 German pressing.

Oh crap, this is absolutely freakin excellent. One of my very recent pick-ups.
You can't go wrong with Colombia Masterworks and RCA Red Seal mono.

I’m tellin ya, I really didn’t think I could enjoy mono as much as I have this evening. A decent mono set-up, and good recordings, can rival (some) stereo. Usually I want to move on and dig back into the stereo selections, but this has been fun.
Benjamin Britten - Strings Quartets No 1&2. The Allegri String Quartet. London 1976

Gave this another thorough cleaning, helped a bit, but unfortunately not well cared for prior. Too bad, a very nice performance and recording.
Glenn Gould - Bach: The Goldberg Variations. Columbia Masterworks 1956 mono
Duard Van Beinum conducts Brahms Symphony #2. Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam. Epic 1954 mono.
Karajan conducts Brahms Symphony #1. Vienna Philharmonic. RCA Victor Red Seal (Shaded Dog) 1959 mono

Steve, I have my eyes on that Blue Box collection. Tempting.
Barenboim conducts Elgar’s violin concerto. London Philharmonic w/Pinchas Zukerman. Columbia Masterworks 1976
It’s always at its best when feisty Steve 😁
Well, my second IKEA Kallax album storage shelving arrived today and assembled. Time to buy more albums 😁
Fairport Convention -  Unhalfbricking. A&M 1973
Grateful Dead - Mars Hotel. Grateful Dead Records 1974
New Riders of the Purple Sage - S/T Columbia 1971
Finally sold my old Pro-Ject turntable. A young guy, his first turntable. Hopefully a new convert to vinyl. Threw in an extra digital scale I had, as he didn’t even attempt to counter offer.

Immediately turned it into two new sets of IC cables 😁

A complete turntable = 2 sets of IC’s. Feeding the rabbits.

Berliner Philharmoniker
Bernard Haitink
Anton Bruckner, Symphony No. 7
Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings

As a member (Digital Concert Hall/Berlin Philharmonic), I watched a special they produced on the making of this recording, showing how it was done, along with interviews.

My goodness, you are very privileged to have such a fine recording, and complete package set. From what I saw, it looked beautiful.

The only downside to me, personally, is I’m not a particular fan of Bruckner’s work. But Haitink is highly regarded in conducting his compositions.

+10 Enjoy it! Now that you mention it, I do remember Mikey’s review of it as well.
Szell conducts Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra & Janacek - Sinfonietta for Orchestra. The Cleveland Orchestra. Columbia Masterworks 1966

Brian - probably:-)

I kinda figured per your comments. The SOTA deserves it 😁

spinning a $.99 Goodwill Blue Note NM-

Wayne Shorter - Super Nova ( BST 84332 )

Deal !!
Serge Baudo Conducts Honegger - Pacific 231 / Pastorale D’Été / Chant De La Joie / Symphony No. 5. The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Supraphon 1976 Czech pressing
Delius Orchestral Works. Vernon Handly conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Lambert & Butler Master Series. English pressing 1979
Finally just snagged two albums I have wanted for a long time, but for whatever reason, never purchased; Allman Brothers Live at The Fillmore East (reissue from 1974) and Eat a Peach (original pressing). 

Haven't received them yet, but looking forward to it.
Carlo Maria Giulini conducts Britten - Four Sea Interludes from “Peter Grimes” & The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra. The Philharmonia Orchestra. Angel, 1980’s reissue,  original 1964
Karajan conducts Wagner’s Die Walküre. Berliner Philharmoniker. Deutsche Grammophon 5LP box set, reissue, date unknown, original 1967. German pressing.
One of the few I received in the mail today.....

Schubert String Quartets by the New Hungarian Quartet. Quartets 12,13, 14, & 15. 3LP box set (VoxBox). VOX 1973.
First Recordings - Samuel Barber : Piano Concerto, John Browning pianist & William Schuman : A Song of Orpheus, Leonard Rose cellist. Szell conducting The Cleveland Orchestra. Columbia Masterworks, reissue, 70’s. Original 1964.
Zukerman plays and conducts Vivaldi. Four Concertos; 5,6,7,&8. English Chamber Orchestra. Columbia Masterworks 1974

War Dept was under weather, got tested = negative..... music therapy later :-)

Good news Jim. 

And yea, try without a clamp. And try to be objective 😁

My MK III is HO @ 2.4mV, so 47K loading, of course , and 42db gain. Right in the upper middle of where Peter recommends (38-43).
Another from my new acquisition’s....

Szell conducts Mozart Piano Concertos No. 15&17.  Casadesus with ‘members of’ The Cleveland Orchestra. Columbia Masterworks 1969
Arlo Guthrie - S/T.  Reprise 1974

Yep. I though you were wondering if yours was remastered. Elektra only reissued these singly and in sets, not remastered from the info I see. The later remastered releases were not Elektra. 
Jefferson Airplane - Bless it’s Pointed Little Head. RCA Victor 1969
After a nice, but long day of driving, finally back home, and the turntable beckoned....

Christoph von Dohnanyi  conducts Mendelssohn’s Symphony #4 ‘Italian’, The Hebrides Overture, and Calm Sea & Prosperous Voyage Overture. Vienna Philharmonic. London 1979
Szell conducts Schubert Symphony #9 ‘The Great’. The Cleveland Orchestra. CBS Great Performances. 1981
Barefoot Jerry - Watching TV. Monument 1974

Bought his album years ago just to check it out. Oddly interesting group, but the recording and engineering on thIs LP is really quite well done, better than most.
The Grateful Dead ‎– Anthem Of The Sun. WB reissue, 1973ish. Originally 1968
Paul Simon - Graceland. WB 1986

Pulled this out about 3-4 weeks ago, had not listened to it for years. Figured I would give it a spin on the SOTA, and sounds fantastic in terms of SQ. After Blond on Blond, which can be cringe worthy at times, I needed a well recorded and engineered selection.
Szell conducts Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra & Janacek - Sinfonietta. The Cleveland Orchestra. Columbia Masterworks 1966
Just got a bunch of LP’s off Discogs yesterday, many very good ones...

But this one is really well done, and am listening to it now:

Zubin Mehta conducting the LA Philharmonic, Tchaikovsky Symphony No 4 in F minor, on London, 1967. 
Fantastic and in excellent condition.
Maurice de Abravanel Conducts Varese - Nocturnal/Ecuatorial and Lazarof - Structures Sonores. Utah Symphony Orchestra. Vanguard/Cardinal, Released 1968