Whats it worth? Polk Audio speakers & Onkyo DV

I have a complete set of Polk Audio speakers which are connected to an Onkyo DV system which i would like to sell but would like to know what i could sell it for, either as complete set being the entire speakers only, or with the Onkyo DV and DVD player.

Onkyo AV Receiver TX-DS989
Onkyo DVD DV-S717
Onkyo Blu Ray BD-SP308

Polk Audio speakers in Cherry wood
RT-3000 main speakers
CX-1000 centre speaker
F/X-1000 surround speakers (total 4)

Any ideas or suggestion will be appreciated.
Many thanks
Google and/or FleaBay are your friend, my friend...

Very difficult question if you are located in the United Arab Emirates.
Receiver retail $3K new. Worth maybe $400 on a good day.
All receivers lose most of their value a week after they are sold. Your s discontinued, and does not have the latest HDMI, so it is just old junk.

Polk speakers are 12 years old..
For sale $850.

So for all of the stuff, say $1,500 to someone eager to buy.
Which may never happen.
If you got $1,200 for all of it. Take it and run.