whats it worth?

I have a pair of Marantz SP-1200's in nice shape, refoamed woofers, puzzlecoated woofer cones, damped cabinets. One tweeter is bad. Cabinets in great condition, grills in very good conition with only minor snags.

A Fisher CA-857 studio standard amplifier, 100 watts RMS per channel @ 0.09% THD. Modded with dual Antec 80mm ultra silent computer fans on the back professionally done to help cooling in a stack system.

Fisher FM-857 tuner to go with amp

Sony CDP 190 cd player.. skips if bumped but otherwise works great.

How much is this all worth?

Also have a near mint Onkyo TX-1500 to sell after I get a new receiver.. I just need more power than the 30wpch onkyo can dish out.
Sorry to tell you, not very much. Garage sale or eBay items only.
i dont know about the rest of you guy's but i feel cheap & used after post's like these.

jesus,they come to agon for price quote's then hop right over to ebay to sell the gear.

why not try putting them on auction on this site & support the site?
Check ebay "completed items" for comparable pricing. You can always try craigslist too.

Check audiogon forums for "best budget receiver" if you are looking for upgrade ideas.
I'll offer 5 bucks if you include shipping.
the fisher ss studio standard gear was budget equipment(not hi fi)even in the day....your stuff is not worth much...sorry
Bigjoe, I disagree with you! It's about helping people. Yeah, maybe the guy just was using members here to get information for a quick sale. And just maybe, however a remote the chance, he might catch the audio bug. Helping never hurts! You know that his gear will never sell on Agon.
Value is in the ear of the beholder.

I totally applaud Fatparrot for his opinion even though I've agreed with and appreciated everything else I've seen Bigjoe post.

One need not respond to the question if it puts one out.

Not everyone is nor wants to be a technical wiz. For me, visiting and enjoying this site is ABOUT THE MUSIC and what is possible for achieving improvement of what I hear when I flip the switch on.

Is there any good reason for intimidating someone when they really may be enjoying getting further into this hobbie? Audiogon is a shining beacon of the audio world to me. Fabulous site with terrific people participating in a wonderful communication forum. Hope it can stay that way.

OOOps, just fell off of the pulpit....