Whats is 'tube rolling'?

Ive seen that term used and am curious if its adjusting induvidual tubes or is an expression for trying diffrent ones.
I'm pretty sure that it means trying different tubes...just beware...you may just "roll" yourself inyo some pretty expensive NOS (new old stock) tubes like a friend of mine has.

hope you're enjoying the tunes!

Yes, the term means trying different tubes in your equipment. It's a really nice way of tuning your gear, but it can get expensive. That's why as with any other upgrades have an idea of what you're hoping to gain from the tube switch and read the discussion forums. There is a lot of good tube info here. Good luck!

What Ellery likes to roll ain't tubes, heheh.
shhhhh Dean...lol
I'm with Ellery but still rollin both.
Rolling means taking them off the amp and letting them go along the flat surface that has an angle from horizontal position...:-)
Don't become a victim of tube rolling! I have a shelf half full of bottles I haven't even had time to try yet. Beware!! Stop when the music keeps your ass in the chair! Then replace when one of them dies.
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Keep on rollin' baby .. you know what time it is.
what time is it Aroc? 4:20?
I don't know how the Mac 2275 could sound any better.
Going to save my money for foolish things like good Bourbon whiskey to enjoy while I listen.
Ok. Thats good. I had the of Zig-Zags wrapped around a tube, I just couldnt decide which end to light?

Does sound like something for the future though. Have to get the new amp in (stalled at fed/ex). Then see about a preamp to finish it off with, I may go with tubes.

Can you 'bong' a transistor?
you're my kind of guy Bozzy!