Whats is the the best?

What is the Best sounding center channel speaker and from what manufacturer? B&W, Aerial, Martin Logan, Revel, ECT.
There is no such thing! No speaker will ever be accepted as being the best at anything because everyone has different preferences.
Well, at least, who does a better job ?
The best center channel I've ever used was nothing! Seriously, I had a HT with four Adcom GFP-555 amps (two bridged to mono for the fronts), Definitive Tech. BP-20 and BP-10 full range towers all around, and a Lexicon processor.

I sold it all and bought a pair of Dunlavy SC-IV's and a Krell pre-amp and amp. No one would believe that I didn't have a center channel hidden somewhere, and they would get up and look around behind the TV for it.

I came to the conclusion that a HT in a normal household is purchased in bits and pieces. A lot of times because of the cost.

Think about something for a minute. If you could put the same amount of money that you end up spending for the speakers and amps for one high quality amp and pair of speakers, wouldn't you come out ahead having a great stereo that doubles as a HT?

With the imaging, you wouldn't need to worry about a 'good' center channel, or whether the speaker blends with the front mains.

I spent a lot on the HT, lost a lot on selling it, but the sound of the Krell and Dunlavy's makes me forget about it. This is just a thought, and my own personal experience. I'm not trying to discourage HT.
Depends on whats driving it brother. Also depends on your mains and surrounds.
Support Krell man. Money spent on a center speaker + amplification could bring you to another level of performance in 2 channel gear that would not be missed for HT when speakers are properly set up. That is my current set up as well.
I'm using a simaudio titan 7 amp and I just sold my krell HTS 7.1, wich I'm going to replace for for another krell, since the sound was unforgetable.